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Cyber Monday VPN Deals – The Ultimate List

Here is a comprehensive list of Cyber Monday VPN deals. Did you miss the plethora of VPN deals on Black Friday? Don’t worry – several VPN providers are extending their discounts on Cyber Monday! This is a great opportunity to start or extend your existing VPN subscription for a fraction of retail price. Online hackers […]


PureVPN Launch New Windows & Android Apps

PureVPN (www.purevpn.com) has released newly updated versions of its popular Windows and Android apps. The apps have been re-designed for simplicity and greater ease of use. Here’s what you need to know to get started. New Windows app Several VPN providers have released updated versions of their Windows apps following the launch of Windows 10. […]

‘Unauthorized Access’ on Twitch, User Passwords Reset

Game streaming site Twitch has reset all user passwords following news that there “may have been unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information.” “For your protection, we have expired passwords and stream keys and have disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube,” said the company in a blog post this evening. “As a result, you […]

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NSA and GCHQ Hack SIM Card Provider Gemalto

According to a report this week from Glenn Greenwald’s leak-happy publication The Intercept, new documents out of the Snowden archive suggest that the NSA and GCHQ have been actively hacking the world’s largest provider of SIM cards in order to eavesdrop on cellphones on a global scale. The program, helmed by the Mobile Handset Exploitation […]

Over $1 Billion Stolen with Carbanak Trojan

In what’s sure to take the cake as “largest heist in the history of modern commerce”, members of the research team at Kaspersky Lab have announced they had uncovered a massive operation undertaken by some of the world’s most sophisticated hacking rings, which netted everyone involved just over $1 billion by the time all was […]

Anonymous Vows to Oust High Profile Members of Child Abuse Ring

This week, Anonymous revealed their plans to stage an international day of protest against child abusers, and those who support child abuse on underground pornography rings through networks such as Tor and I2P. Codenamed “Operation Death Eaters”, the offensive will seek to oust many high ranking officials in several large governments who have been caught […]

Anonymous Hacks Social Accounts of ISIS

This week, select members from the hacking team Anonymous announced they had successfully infiltrated and taken down various social media accounts and email addresses belonging to the international terrorist organization ISIS. In a statement released by the group, the vigilante cyber warriors said: “ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails and […]

Millions of Anthem Blue Cross Members Hit in Cyberattack

This Thursday, millions of health insurance customers under the umbrella of the Anthem corporation woke up to an email stating that their membership data and health records had been accessed by a still unknown third party hacking ring. “Anthem will individually notify current and former members whose information has been accessed. We will provide credit […]

Internet Explorer Bug Puts User Credentials at Risk

This week a new, previously unknown exploit appeared on the scene that can work its way through fully patched versions of Internet Explorer. The problem affects Windows 7 and 8.1, and for the time being at least, can not be stopped by the browser’s in-house anti-phishing firewall. Exposed by David Leo of the security research […]

Lizard Squad DDoS Service Database Hacked

According to a new blog post from famed security researcher Brian Krebs, the DDoS service offered up by the hacking duo Lizard Squad has been compromised, and the identifying information contained within has been leaked as a result. If you’ll remember back to Christmas, Lizard Squad made headlines when they took down the networks of […]


Obama Proposes Cyber Crime Law, US Military Twitter Hacked

US President Barack Obama has called for new rules to be put in place that compel companies to disclose the details of a data breach within 30 days. However his announcement was followed by an embarrassing moment when the social media accounts for the military’s Central Command was hacked. The proposed Personal Data Notification and […]

Anonymous Vows to Strike Back Against Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

This week, representatives for the hacktivist organization Anonymous took to the group’s YouTube channel to release a new video, that vows to take action against the terrorist organizations responsible for the attacks at Charlie Hebdo earlier this week. Flying under the hashflag of #OPCharlieHedbo, a figurehead for the group, dawned in their trademark Guy Fawkes […]

Intel Shuts Down Russian Blogs Over ‘Bloggers Law’

Intel has shut down its Russian blogs and forums in response to the country’s recently enacted “Blogger’s Law”, which curtails blogs with more than 3,000 readers. The changes from the chip maker were implemented on January 1 but have come to light today. “These changes do not affect the English Intel DZ community: you can […]


Police Question Lizard Squad Suspects in the UK & Finland

Authorities in the UK and Finland have been questioning two people allegedly involved with the hacker group, Lizard Squad, who were responsible for the Christmas Day attacks on PlayStation and Xbox. Vincent Omari, the spokesman for the hacking group Lizard Squad, was arrested over PayPal theft. The 22-year-old had allegedly stolen funds from several PayPal […]


Iran to Expand Censoring Program with ‘Smart Filtering’

Iran is all set to expand its ‘smart filtering’ of the Internet. The country appears to be no longer interested in imposing a blanket ban on websites and will instead attempt to filter out the ‘harmful’ content. The method of smart filtering tries to censor unwanted or undesirable content without completely banning websites. Iran has […]