Accounts Stolen

Maryland Refrigerator Contractor Source of Target Leak

The Target breach, and the 70 million financial accounts stolen in the heist that followed, were both sourced from a refrigeration supplier to the multinational big box store, according to latest reports. Fazio Mechanical Services was initially targeted as a conduit to the POS systems at Target, allowing hackers to gain access to the credentials Read More

2 Million Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Twitter Accounts Stolen

If you depend on any of the services we just named in the above headline, change your passwords immediately. Against better judgement, I’d even suggest that you pause reading the rest of this article until every account is securely locked down and configured with the maximum amount of privacy settings possible. This breach of our Read More

VPN Creative’s Online Security Report – Week 46

Hey everyone, Chris here. Today I thought I’d try something a little different, instead of giving you the same high quality, up-to-the-minute breaking news on all things internet security you’ve come to expect from our blog in the past 10 months. Starting this Friday, we’ll be updating you on a weekly bug report that features Read More