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Sony Pulls ‘The Interview’ After Increased Threats from North Korea

After increased pressure from both North Korea and the United States government, Sony has officially decided to pull all showings of the upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco movie The Interview from theaters until further notice. The studio had been staring down the barrel assorted threats ever since they first announced their plans to produce […]

NATO Adds Cyberattacks to the ‘Hit One, Hit Us All’ Code

This week, official representatives for the NATO international collective announced they would be implementing a new set of policies which would seek to match the same outlines that apply to real-world military action in the online battleground. As more countries begin to arm themselves with increasingly complex weapons of cyberwarfare which can be used for […]


ICREACH – The NSA’s Google-Like Metadata Sharing Platform

New documents provided to The Intercept by Edward Snowden highlight the inner workings of ICREACH, a Google-like search engine feature which shares metadata of millions of foreign nationals and US citizens. The NSA has been using this search engine to secretly provide information to two dozen agencies of the US government including the DEA (Drug […]


How Will NATO Adapt to Cyber Threats?

With increasing cyber attacks on government organizations, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) needs to wake up to the possibility of cyber warfare, said Boston Globe columnists James G. Stavridis and Dave Weinstein, and this would need clearly defined protocols and a standardized policy. Fortunately, NATO has acknowledged the rising demands of cyber awareness and announced […]

New Whistleblower Following in Snowden’s Footsteps

And Thomas Drake, Mark Klein. Rustle Tice. Earlier this morning, Glenn Greenwald revealed the existence of freshly leaked classified documents in his publication The Intercept which have furthered indicted the NSA in a series of scandals fueled by illegal domestic surveillance on U.S citizens. The hot-off-the-presses leaks go into extensive detail about the existence of […]

9/11 Commission Report Authors Caution The US Against Cyber Threats

The authors of the original 9/11 Commission report covering the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks inform us that cyber-terrorism is the next big threat to the US. The group has updated the recommendations made by the committee ten years ago, and reassessed whether those recommendations were translated into law or adopted as policy. “The threat […]

Cell Phone Tracking Without Warrant Illegal, Rules Court

This week, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that any data the government wants to gather off a cellphone must first be approved in full by a warrant before any officer of the law gets the opportunity to track valuable information. In a landmark decision this Wednesday in Miami, Judge […]

NSA Uses Radio Frequencies to Crack Disconnected Devices

As of this writing, the NSA has worked its way into around 100,000 personal computers and mobile devices around the world, a far cry from the 50,000 we initially reported on just a few short months ago. Dubbed “Quantum“, the program lays out an intricate map of each infected machine, which networks it’s connected to, […]

VPN Provider CryptoSeal to go Offline, US Government to Blame

As the Snowden leaks continue to incite fear and panic in the hearts of government officials all over Washington, it’s become increasingly clear that the US has no intention of taking these acts of patriotism lying down for much longer. Targeting VPN providers and relay-networks such as  Tor, the NSA wants to remove anyone who […]

How to Fight Back Against the NSA’s War on Encryption

Early last month, NSA analyst Edward Snowden risked his freedom, citizenship, and well-being to come forward with information that would forever alter the internet security landscape. His candid report damned the US and UK governments for participating in one of the most extensive domestic surveillance programs the world has seen to date, and ever since […]