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Silent Circle & Blackphone Launch Bug Bounty Program

Silent Circle and Blackphone, the “NSA proof” encrypted phone, have launched a bug bounty program, which will award hackers for alerting the company to flaws in the phone and their products. Each company will be paying a minimum of $128 per bug that is reported by independent researchers. Silent Circle is looking for tips on […]

Google Criticized For Banning Privacy App From Play Store

Google earns a major portion of its revenue from advertisements and developers on the Google Play Store follow a similar model to generate revenue – by serving third-party banners and mobile advertisements in apps that don’t have the capacity to charge users an upfront fee or sell in-app items. Perhaps this is the reason why […]


Android Crypto Key Exploit Discovered, 86% of Devices Affected

Researchers from the mobile security department at IBM published an advisory that could have wide-reaching implications for anyone who relies on the Android operating system to power their mobile device. Residing in the Android KeyStore, the new exploit could have a significant effect on the way that PIN data, banking information, and cryptographic keys are […]