4.4 KitKat

Over Half of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hack

Hearing that an Android device is vulnerable to attack is certainly nothing new by this point. Year over year since its release we’ve been bombarded with news and stories about how Android is leaving mobile phones vulnerable to one deviant exploit or another, but now a new discovery from Palo Alto Networks may officially trump Read More

Silent Circle & Blackphone Launch Bug Bounty Program

Silent Circle and Blackphone, the “NSA proof” encrypted phone, have launched a bug bounty program, which will award hackers for alerting the company to flaws in the phone and their products. Each company will be paying a minimum of $128 per bug that is reported by independent researchers. Silent Circle is looking for tips on Read More


Android Vulnerability Leaves Mobiles Open to Exploitation

On July 4 the German security firm Curesec came forward with information which could suggest that malicious apps on the Android app store are able to make phone calls on a user’s device without explicitly requesting permissions first. While on the surface this may not seem like an issue worthy of any news story, one Read More