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Source: RT

NSA and GCHQ Hack SIM Card Provider Gemalto

According to a report this week from Glenn Greenwald’s leak-happy publication The Intercept, new documents out of the Snowden archive suggest that the NSA and GCHQ have been actively hacking the world’s largest provider of SIM cards in order to eavesdrop on cellphones on a global scale. The program, helmed by the Mobile Handset Exploitation […]

Privacy Concerns Raised Over Stingray Use by San Jose Police

Security consultant Mike Katz-Lacabe recently filed a request for records related to Stingray technology, which mimics a cellphone tower and exposes data from smartphones, used by the San Jose Police Department in a case. A Public Records Act request was made for a copy of non-disclosure agreement between the FBI, Harris Corporation (the manufacturer), and […]


Free Wi-Fi Can Save You Pennies But Cost You Millions

In Ofcom’s recently published Communications Market Report, the British regulator revealed that people using Wi-Fi in public places give the least thought to their security. The report says that while 77 percent of people aren’t concerned about security when using public Wi-Fi, almost 75 percent of them said that they don’t restrict their online activity […]


It’s Superfast and Awesome… But How Secure is Your 4G Network?

4G (fourth generation) network provides data access at super-fast speeds for mobile devices. The technology used for 4G makes it up to 100 times faster than 2G or 3G speeds. But according to some networking experts, this speed comes at the cost of security. 2G and 3G come with the robust feature of efficiently handling […]

3G/4G Modems Unknowingly Expose Users Credentials

According to a report released today by security researcher Andreas Linh, many popular 3G and 4G USb modems used by telecoms such as AT&T and Verizon have been compromised to allow anyone with the keycode the opportunity to freely collect user credentials, passwords, and even the content of your computer’s hard drive all from over […]