70% of Young Iranians Surf The Web Illegally

The Iranian government has announced in a report that of the 23.5 million youth using the web in the country, 69.3 percent of them are relying on circumvention tools such as VPNs and proxies that provide access to the global web. The study has been publicized just a day after President Hassan Rouhani said existing Read More


Free Wi-Fi Can Save You Pennies But Cost You Millions

In Ofcom’s recently published Communications Market Report, the British regulator revealed that people using Wi-Fi in public places give the least thought to their security. The report says that while 77 percent of people aren’t concerned about security when using public Wi-Fi, almost 75 percent of them said that they don’t restrict their online activity Read More


It’s Superfast and Awesome… But How Secure is Your 4G Network?

4G (fourth generation) network provides data access at super-fast speeds for mobile devices. The technology used for 4G makes it up to 100 times faster than 2G or 3G speeds. But according to some networking experts, this speed comes at the cost of security. 2G and 3G come with the robust feature of efficiently handling Read More

3G/4G Modems Unknowingly Expose Users Credentials

According to a report released today by security researcher Andreas Linh, many popular 3G and 4G USb modems used by telecoms such as AT&T and Verizon have been compromised to allow anyone with the keycode the opportunity to freely collect user credentials, passwords, and even the content of your computer’s hard drive all from over Read More

VPN Awards

Best VPN For iPad & iOS 2013

As our technology develops, more and more gadgets are also being introduced to the marketplace. We are now enjoying the best technologies that can make life a lot easier, and tablets are among of them. When tablets were first introduced, people immediately thought that it was an amazing gadget, but still many questioned its longevity. Read More

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