2048-bit RSA


Yahoo! Adds New Layers of Encryption to Data Centers, Search

Joining the illustrious ranks of companies like Google and Microsoft, a spokesperson for Yahoo took to the company’s blog to announce that as of today, all links between their data centers have been encrypted, along with all of their search data and email services too. The news first broke from the mouth of Yahoo’s fresh-out-of-the-gate Read More

Yahoo to Encrypt All Email by Default

Today, Yahoo announced they had met the goal they set out for themselves in October: to secure the entirety of their email and messaging services with SSL encryption by January 8th.  In a blog post for the company, Yahoo senior VP of communication products Jeff Bonforte spoke about the universal capability of their brand new encryption Read More

How to Secure Yourself Against CryptoLocker

When we first reported on the now infamous malware CryptoLocker in September of 2013, the virus had only made its way onto a few thousand machines across the entire globe. Now the infection is spreading faster than ever, with the holiday season coming to a close and thousands of UPS and FedEx customers being unwittingly tricked Read More