How to Unblock HBO Go

unblock and access hbo go

This article will show you how to unblock HBO Go outside US, provided you have a valid HBO Go subscription and are trying to access HBO Go outside the United States. HBO Go is an online streaming platform that hosts an incredible amount of media. This includes movies, documentaries and a number of popular HBO shows that are run on regular schedules on TV.

Access to HBO Go ensures that any missed show can be watched through the online platform. As with all good things, HBO Go is also restricted and is only available to US subscribers. But there’s a simple method to unblock HBO Go outside US. Read on to find out how.

HBO Go is available for iOS and Android devices, along with the ability to watch the shows on your computer over a network. There are specific HBO Go apps for iOS and Android devices through the respective iTunes and Google Play stores. HBO Go subscription is available to all subscribers of AT&T, Comcast, Cos Communications, DirectV, Google TV, Dish Network, Charter Communications, Verizon and Suddenlink Communications.

How to Unblock HBO Go Outside US

Make sure that you have a valid HBO Go subscription, which can only be obtained through a cable provider. It is next to impossible to obtain a HBO Go subscription from outside the US, or even within the US without access to a cable network. Therefore, if you have a working HBO Go subscription, and want to access the service outside the US, read on to find out how to unblock HBO Go outside the US.

However, if you want to try getting a HBO Go subscription, try getting the help of a cable subscriber within the U.S. to get the HBO Go subscription and make the payment on your behalf. There are various freelancers who are willing to do this for you, but if you are dealing with a third party, exercise caution while making payments.

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Once you get a subscription, or to use your existing subscription to access HBO Go outside the US, connect your device to a VPN service provider – HideMyAss Pro is one of the best VPN services that allows streaming content and the subscription costs are lower when compared to all the other VPN service providers. A VPN works by hiding your actual IP address and letting you choose an IP address and server of your choice. This will ensure that your actual IP address remains hidden and you can point your browser to literally any server location in the world.

Choose a server and IP within the United States from your VPN application. HBO Go only checks your IP address to see if you are a visitor from the United States. If the HBO Go server senses your IP address to be from the U.S, the HBO home page with the subscriber log-in box will appear.

Do not disconnect your VPN after logging in. Unlike other entertainment channels such as the BBC iPlayer, HBO Go will check your IP address periodically. Don’t worry about the bandwidth, as HideMyAss does offer unlimited bandwidth.

Never forget to log into your VPN first before accessing HBO Go, even though you have put your VPN terminal on standby. HBO Go is pretty strict about their licensing policies and regulations, and you don’t want your account to be blocked for trying to access HBO Go from outside the U.S.

If you want to choose another VPN provider, you can go through our list of best VPN service providers to read our reviews and thoughts on what we believe are truly the top VPN companies for unblocking watching HBO Go outside the U.S.

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