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How to Hide Your IP Address for Unrestricted Browsing

Unrestricted web browsing has become a necessity and somewhat of a luxury these days. Even countries like US and UK, which were considered to be pioneers in maintaining complete online anonymity and privacy, followed extreme data surveillance techniques and internet censorship filters to severely restrict internet freedom for their citizens.

Hiding behind a virtual IP address doesn’t necessarily imply any illegal activities. There is a misconception that those who employ technologies to hide IP addresses are doing so to perform illegal activities. As an average internet user, you should understand why you should hide IP address to enjoy complete online anonymity.

Why Hide An IP Address?

Using a virtual IP address can help you remain anonymous from web cookies and online tracking bots whose sole intention is to locate your geographic location and to track what you do online. Online tracking bots needn’t necessarily be a part of Government surveillance program, but even if they are, most surveillance programs are carried out by third parties, which make the data susceptible to theft or sale to third parties.

The data becomes more valuable when it relates to personal information such as financial information, banking data, credit card information and other personal data that are sensitive in nature. It is also relevant when it comes to sending professional emails, messages, files and other data over public networks for companies, as nowadays, competition pays a lot of money to buy such information from the discerning seller.

Even major entertainment media channels such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other similar services employ geo-locked filters to deter users from different countries from accessing their content. IP address is the main component for these filters, for instance, Netflix and Hulu checks the IP address of the visitor before granting them access. If they find the visitor to be from outside the US, they will instantly display a ‘blocked content’ message.

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The only possible way to enjoy unlimited internet access is to hide IP address and bypass all censorship filters using IP hiding technologies. Here is a detailed guide on how to hide IP address for unrestricted web browsing.

How To Hide IP Address – Two Methods

Using A VPN

A VPN or virtual private network offers the option of encrypting web traffic using encryption technologies, server re-routing and IP changing, all of which are essential in helping the user stay anonymous from online tracking bots and censorship filters. A VPN works by encrypting your traffic at the computer level, rerouting it through VPN servers and finally allocating a virtual IP address different to the original IP address of the user. This is by far the best option that will help you to hide IP address, and nothing comes close to the security and anonymity offered by VPN service providers. A VPN can also help bypass internet censorship or geo-filters to access blocked content. We have compiled a list of top VPN service providers that will help you experience a completely free internet browsing experience.

Using Proxy Services

Proxy services are relatively inexpensive and not as secure as VPN services, but they do help in changing your IP address. A proxy service offers the option to hide IP address by offering virtual IP addresses located in different countries across the world. It does not make sense for you to pay for proxy services; therefore, we have chosen a few free proxy services that do the job of hiding IP address well.

We would like to stress that using a VPN or other technologies to hide IP addresses should be done to protect one’s identity, protect personal data, keep sensitive information confidential and generally enjoy unrestricted web access. A VPN is not a tool intended for illegal activities, therefore, it is not a free license for internet users to take advantage of the available technologies for their own personal gain at the expense of others’ personal freedom.

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