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How to Grab Netflix without Credit Card (Plus Free Trial)

grab netflix without a credit card

There is no other on-demand video streaming service on the market today that can dethrone Netflix anytime soon. The most prominent online streaming platform merely has gained worldwide acceptance, and therefore the viewing public prefers its offers than any other alternative out there.

Aside from its vast array of top-rated films, Netflix also offers outstanding originals that have taken the world by storm.

Netflix has spent millions of dollars just to create a platform that can provide better entertainment options for the modern-day viewers.

Netflix offers a mix of shows that suits subscribers regardless of their age, ethnicity, or gender. Some of the biggest show you can find on Netflix are Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad among others.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not reached the entire world just yet. As of this writing, there are only some territories where Netflix is legally available in.

So, you are lucky if you live in places like the United States, Bangladesh, Belgium, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Italy, Pakistan, Canada, and Australia to name a few.

Gladly, anyone can still enjoy the variety of shows that Netflix has to offer. As long as you have a valid Netflix subscription, you can access the full version (the US version) of the on-demand streaming service regardless of where you are located in the world.

There is just one problem though. Netflix can detect where you are located by looking at your credit card. When you subscribe to Netflix, it will require you a valid payment method that is linked to a bank located within their geographical location.

Anyone residing outside of a Netflix’s zone availability who is subscribing to an account will find this frustrating for sure.

Lucky enough, there are ways on how you can sign up for a Netflix account without using the required credit card information.


Subscribing to US Netflix without a Credit Card

First things first. You need to change your IP address, and for that, you should subscribe to a good VPN service. Getting a VPN is straightforward – all you need is a valid payment method, and you will have full access to a selection of VPN servers.

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Now, here is where it gets tricky. Not all VPN services can offer you IPs or VPN servers that can help you connect to Netflix.

Netflix has already blocked many VPNs so make sure that you only subscribe to a VPN that can still grant anonymous accesses to the popular streaming platform.

The one we recommend is, ExpressVPN – we test VPNs regularly, and can, therefore, testify it still works with Netflix.

You can read reviews of various VPN services to determine which ones are still working on bypassing Netflix’s geographic restrictions.

Once you have found the perfect VPN for accessing Netflix, simply install the necessary applications, run the VPN app, select a US VPN server and go to Netflix’s website.

You need to get yourself an email address for you to sign-up for a valid Netflix account.

Upon signing up for an account on Netflix, you will immediately be redirected to a new page asking for your payment information.

Here are some tricks on how to go about with the payment process without using an actual credit card.

Link your credit card to your PayPal

The use of PayPal has been a favorite payment method in recent years due to the secure and flexible payment processing it offers.

What’s great about using PayPal is that you can pay for online purchases without giving away your credit card information to the shop you are buying from.

So in this case, you just attach your credit card to PayPal and then use PayPal to pay for the Netflix subscription

Use any Debit Card

When you have to make use of any prepaid card to pay for your Netflix subscription, go for a debit card and ultimately ditch gift cards. Netflix prefers debit cards over gift cards due to the risks that come with the latter payment mode.

Get the most out of Netflix Gift Cards

There is one exemption to the ban on gift cards though. Netflix wants its own gift card. You can get these special gift cards from Netflix’s website. A Netflix gift card starts at 30 USD, and they are great as gifts to your friends or family members.

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Make use of dummy credit cards information

Ever heard of Yup, such site exist promising to provide fake credit card information online.

These cards can then be used to buy a subscription plan on Netflix. But use such technique at your own risk when paying for any online purchases.

Ask someone to share their Netflix account

Do you know someone who has an existing Netflix account? Why not ask for their permission to use the same account? Netflix allows multiple simultaneous connections using a single account.

Just make sure you are also connected to a VPN when signing up on Netflix so as not to get blocked by the streaming platform.

That’s all; you can get Netflix without credit card via one of the four methods we listed above – we are confident, at least one out of these will suit you well.

Enjoy Netflix’s free trial!

Netflix does not charge you upfront, in fact, you can enjoy Netflix’s free 30-day trial to check all available videos in its massive video library. So let’s recap how you can enjoy Netflix anywhere you are.

First, you need to get yourself a good VPN service to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. Connecting to a reliable VPN will allow you to mask your actual IP address and change it with a US IP address to be able to access US Netflix.

Next, is to create an email address if you don’t have already and use it to sign up for a Netflix account.

And lastly, choose any of the payment methods mentioned above to avoid sharing your credit card information with Netflix. Choose either Paypal, Debit Cards, Netflix Gift Cards, Fake Credit Cards, or just ask a friend to lend you his account.

Let us know in the comments below what has worked for you in signing up for a Netflix account.

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