Improving Speed & Privacy for Torrents Using a VPN

Torrenting is an immensely popular P2P platform, which according to recent studies, contributes to nearly half of the total online traffic across the globe. Typically, a torrent user on a torrent client uses 90 percent of the bandwidth than an average user who spends the same time on web browsing or for streaming small audio Read More


Make Legacy Apps Compatible in Explorer Enterprise Mode

You don’t have to be an IT expert to know that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a dying breed. Even the average Internet user is beginning to avoid using it. Google Chrome has dominated the market when it comes to browser options, but even Firefox is getting close to the level of Internet Explorer. This is Read More

How to Secure Yourself Against CryptoLocker

When we first reported on the now infamous malware CryptoLocker in September of 2013, the virus had only made its way onto a few thousand machines across the entire globe. Now the infection is spreading faster than ever, with the holiday season coming to a close and thousands of UPS and FedEx customers being unwittingly tricked Read More

Top Countries to Trust With Your Traffic

With startups like Syme opening up server farms outside of US jurisdiction, and longtime search giants Google and Yahoo talking about taking their terabytes offshore, the impact the NSA leaks will have on the American economy in the coming years is unquestionable. For about two months after the first mention of the PRISM program, companies Read More

Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Data From the Government

In light of recent revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, it’s now more vital than ever before to encrypt your data online, reduce your personal footprint, and keep your most treasured memories as close to the chest as they can get. Post-leaks we live in a world that tells us nothing is truly safe if Read More

Sony Changes TOS for PS4 on Launch Day, Records User Info

Although the majority of our stories here at VPNCreative revolve around keeping you safe on your desktop, laptops, tablets and phones, they aren’t the only devices you need to lock down in these trying and uncertain times of modern mass surveillance. Just hours after launching the PS4 to millions of eager customers worldwide, Sony has Read More

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