TorGuard SmartDNS Proxy Review

TorGuard now offers its very own DNS proxy service. This DNS solution is ideal for unblocking content from virtually any country worldwide. TorGuard’s Smart DNS has zero-speed loss and no logging practices from the company’s side. Using a DNS service may not come with encryption features but with TorGuard’s Smart DNS, users’ online identities will Read More

Getflix Review

There are a couple of options people can use to access streaming services without limits. Proxy, VPN and DNS services are the most popular tools that can bypass geographic restrictions. But while each of these tools are extremely useful, one tool is more supreme when it comes to unlocking blocked content. So, if you are Read More

TrickByte DNS Review

In general, VPN is used to trick the Internet into believing that VPN users are in certain locations even if they’re not really physically there. Technically, using VPN should allow anyone anywhere in the world to access popular streams like Netflix and Hulu without encountering an error message stating the “content is not available” in Read More

PlaymoTV Review

The common assumption about VPN and DNS solutions is that they are tools primarily used to infringe intellectual properties. One way or another, there will be users that are going to use anonymizing tools for illegal purposes. But generally, VPN and DNS users’ main agenda in using such tools is to be able to freely Read More

SmartyDNS Review

SmartyDNS is just one of the many DNS services that’s increasing in popularity and demand for these days. Smart DNSs, unlike VPNs, don’t provide security features such as encryption or anonymity. It is, however, a better tool for unblocking geo-restricted websites and content all over the Internet than with a VPN. SmartyDNS is mainly for Read More

SmarterDNS Review

It seems that most VPN service providers are already developing their own DNS services. Adding to the list of VPNs that offer both VPN and DNS solutions is with its very own DNS offering, SmarterDNS. Smart DNS services are becoming more popular these days as VPN alone cannot provide access to geo-restricted websites already. Read More

ibDNS Review

ibDNS is a Smart DNS solution offered by ibVPN, a highly-recommended VPN service that provides affordable VPN access. VPN is technically a good way of bypassing Internet restrictions and censorship. Streaming media, however, have caught up to the trend of using VPN to access content even if the user is outside their geographic operations. Apparently, Read More

StrongDNS Review

When it comes to providing better speeds and the ability of accessing geo-restricted websites, Smart DNS services triumphs over VPN. StrongVPN is one of the top VPN companies that also offer its own DNS services. Dubbed as StrongDNS (, the company that brought StrongVPN now aims to help subscribers bypass geo-restricted stream media such as Read More

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