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7 Smartphone Tips Every Traveler Needs To Know

Our smartphones are getting ever more sophisticated. Equipped with a smartphone, traveling becomes easier and less bumpier. Apps are at the tip off our fingers, helping us create a memorable traveling experience. Maps, guides, translators and event trackers are a few of the available features in the App stores. So why not take advantage of Read More

Fake App for ‘The Interview’ Puts Malware on 20k Phones

If there’s one thing malware makers have learned to take advantage of over the years it’s that wherever there’s big news, there’s even bigger opportunities to exploit the public. This time around, the tactic takes the form of an Android app that shares a name with the same film that’s been all over the headlines Read More

NSA Program Auroragold Designed to Crack into Carrier Networks

This Thursday, Glenn Greenwald released a new set of leaks from the Snowden files on behalf of his publication The Intercept, which detail yet another program which handily oversteps nearly every boundary of personal privacy it can, while shunting any sense of common decency to the side in pursuit of some disillusioned sense of the Read More

WireLurker Malware Attacks iOS Devices Through USB

According to a report from the threat monitoring firm Palo Alto Networks, a new form of iOS malware has been discovered that uses infected OSX machines connected to iPhones and iPads to infect a mobile device. Dubbed “WireLurker”, the program was first spotted in China after being distributed on the Maiyadi App Store, which acts Read More

T-Mobile Installs Anti-Eavesdropping Tech on US Network

For the past several months, T-Mobile has been quietly toughening up security on its mobile networks to prevent local and federal law enforcement agencies from eavesdropping without proper clearance. According to a report from the Washington Post earlier this week, the carrier (which just posted record growth in their Q3 financials) has been working diligently Read More


Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Hacked Before Official Launch

On Wednesday morning, beta testers of the NFC payment system CurrentC received an email from the company, stating that their email addresses may had been compromised by an still-unknown group of online hackers. CurrentC, which has caused a flurry of controversy over the past several weeks in the light of Apple Pay’s announcement, is the Read More

Snapchat Saver SnapSaved Has Data Snapped Up from Server

A few short hours ago, a repository of photos from the iOS and Android app Snapchat appeared on the website 4/chan, along with the usernames and passwords of the affected accounts attached to each pic. There are two possible culprits in this caper, and surprisingly, neither of them are Snapchat themselves. Instead, the problem probably Read More

iPhone 6 Still Vulnerable to Touch ID Hack

Lookout Security has confirmed that the iPhone 6 is vulnerable to the same fingerprint-spoofing technique that we saw with its predecessor in the iPhone 5s. By creating a copy of a fingerprint that can be lifted from a shiny surface using a specialized glue (normally reserved for criminal investigations and forensics labs), hackers can create Read More

Android Malware Exploits SSL Vulnerability

According to a blog posted by the security outfit Trend Micro, Android users could be potentially vulnerable to a new slew of problems thanks to a corrupted section of code discovered in the SSL authentication used to verify authentic channels between mobile devices and the servers that host popular apps and services contained within the Read More

Hundreds of Android, Amazon Apps Vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Security researcher Will Dormann of the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has reported this week that over 350 apps from the Google Play and Amazon App stores have been compromised due to a flaw that fails to validate certificates over a secure socket layer. The bug, which opens up many popular mobile applications such Read More

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