Best VPN for Torrent Clients & P2P

Whether it’s grabbing digital content for free or taking a stand against corporations that make huge profits, copyright piracy remains one of the most popular online phenomena of all time. Although online piracy can lead to prison terms in some cases, file sharing through torrents isn’t slowing down.

Millions of Internet users seed and leech torrents on a daily basis. This revolutionary technology allows people to access data easier and faster. However, since it’s not always legal, people generally protect their privacy so that they can stay safe from cyber laws.

One of the best ways to protect your privacy while sharing files is to use a VPN service. The fact that government agencies spy on Internet users is no longer a secret, and there are chances that your ISP might sell your data logs to the government. While file sharing might seem harmless, it can be illegal depending on the content you’re downloading and can land you in trouble. In order to stay safe, you have to remain anonymous and protect your connection while sharing files through P2P networks. You have to consider several factors while choosing a VPN for torrents and file sharing.

Choosing a VPN company that does not divulge or leak your data to the government or third party is extremely important. Apart from that, your VPN company should provide adequate encryption and offer unlimited bandwidth at high speed. If you want to download large torrent files, you need a super-fast VPN service and it’s often best practice to connect to a server outside of the US, so find one that offers multiple countries. Your Internet connection would generally slow down when you use a VPN service, so it’s important to select a company that provides fast services.

Also, it is advised to connect to a server based outside USA because some P2P laws that apply in USA don’t always apply in other countries.

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If you want anonymity, privacy, and speed while you download torrents or share files, here are the VPN companies we recommend.


ExpressVPN secures your data and privacy by creating an encrypted channel between your computer and the Internet applications you use. It is compatible with almost all devices. Also, they will allow you to use their service from a mobile phone and a computer simultaneously.

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VyprVPN owns, manages and controls all its servers. As a result, they can deliver secure and fast connections to their users. Also, its Chameleon technology prevents ISPs from keeping track of your online activities. In addition, it allows you to switch between server locations and encryption protocols.

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BolehVPN offers unrestricted access to online content. Government censorship and corporate restrictions can all limit your access to online content. If privacy is your biggest concern, BolehVPN is one of the best options for you. They offer 100 percent anonymity. They also accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin for added anonymity.

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HideMyAss Pro


HideMyAss are the biggest VPN providers in the world, and because of their size, they can unblock more restricted content than most other VPN companies. Their service works on nearly all devices, including Internet enabled TVs and gaming consoles.

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OverPlay offers both SmartDNS and Global VPN services. You don’t require any technical expertise to use either of these services. OverPlay has a simple user interface; however, this doesn’t mean that their service is any less secure; they use 128-bit encryption to protect your data.

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