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This article will show you the best VPN for Thailand. The internet is an amazing technology that basically has everything we need. We can easily search for the things we are looking for, communicate with others, watch videos, download files, read articles, do online shopping and so on.

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy complete internet freedom. Different kinds of restrictions are already circulating on the internet nowadays. There are so many online restrictions that relating the terms “internet” and “World Wide Web” does not seem to be appropriate anymore. That’s why we need Thai VPN. This article will get you started with VPN in Thailand for free.

Online Restriction is all over the Internet

I recently visited Thailand for a couple of weeks and I must say, I absolutely loved the place! The people, the food and the culture are simply wonderful. Although I really enjoyed exploring the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand, I can’t help but miss my homeland.

So what I did was catch up with my favourite TV shows on Netflix using a VPN. Unfortunately, accessing geo-restricted websites such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are not possible in Thailand as like any place aside from the US. Even the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter are being strictly regulated in the country. Thailand has without a doubt one of the toughest online censorships laws in the world.

How strict are online restrictions in Thailand?

Internet censorship is unfortunately a problem in Thailand. There are two Thai government departments that are capable of implementing internet censorships in the country. First is the Thai Police department. They can basically block any website they find malicious from being accessed or viewed by Thai netizens. One report reveals that a total of over 70,000 websites/pages were blocked by the police department in the previous of years. I can only imagine how many more websites were added to the blacklist.

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The second government body that is responsible for blocking websites is the Communications Authority of Thailand. The agency can instruct all Internet Service Providers in the country to blacklist certain websites. ISPs that fail to comply with the government’s requests will have their license cancelled. That’s how strict internet censorship laws and regulations in Thailand.

Why Use VPN in Thailand?

Luckily, you can take faith in your own hands and get both unrestricted access and security by using a VPN service. You will want a VPN if you live in Thailand!

VPN can help you bypass online restrictions. But how? VPN works by hiding your real IP address and masking it with a different IP of your choice, since your IP is your identification when accessing websites or connecting to your ISP.

Without being connected to a VPN service, you are actually exposing your real IP address to you ISP, the government and to hackers as well. They can basically see what IP address you are using, which is in this case is a Thai IP.

To trick your ISP and government into believing that you are not a Thai netizen, you need to use a VPN. To bypass any type of online restrictions, you first need to connect through a secured VPN network that will then allow you to do whatever you want online. So, we basically get complete internet freedom the hard way these days.

Other Advantages of Using VPN

By re-routing your internet connection through a VPN server you can:

  • Change your IP address to one in another country
  • Improve your security by ensuring your internet traffic is encrypted
  • Access content that is normally restricted to you

So Now, Can I Watch Netflix in Thailand?

Absolutely yes! Like I said, I used VPN to access Netflix when I was in Thailand. All you need is a VPN service from a VPN provider that offers sufficient (uncapped) connection speed to stream content from United States.

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But choosing a VPN service provider can be a bit overwhelming since there are literally hundreds of companies that offer VPN services out there. To avoid subscribing to the wrong premium VPN account, we highly recommend that you give either HideMyAss! Pro VPN, IPVanish, and VyprVPN a try. You can browse through this website to read our comprehensive and honest reviews on the said VPN providers.

What is the best VPN for Thailand?

For a premium VPN, I recommend HideMyAss! Pro VPN. You can get started with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. That’s an awesome way to test their service on your own computer.

Keep in mind, Netflix also offer a 30-day free trial! So, pick a VPN today and start using a US IP to be able to watch videos on Netflix. For more information on how to use Thai VPN with Netflix, read our guide on how to unblock Netflix outside US.

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