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Are you looking to find the best VPN for Android? Android might be an open source mobile operating system, but in Q3 2013 alone, Android acquired a whopping 81% of the market share. This means that at least eight out of every ten mobile devices in the market run on Android. On the contrary, the most successful smartphone/tablet operating system in the world (iOS) could only manage a meager 12.9% of the market share.

True, Apple made the most profits, but in terms of the number of devices in the market, Android is the most popular operating system in the world. This pushed Android to the top of the list for hackers and information phishing agents who are on the prowl to glean sensitive information from unsuspecting users. From smartphones to tablets, Android is the most preferred OS by most major manufacturers.

Typically, an Android user utilizes a wireless or Wi-Fi hotspot service to access the internet. There are different ways by which information can be gleaned off unsuspecting users. The first security threat arises from the network. ISPs are unsafe and insecure for private anonymous web browsing. Government agencies are known to snoop on internet users in the name of national security. On the other hand, Wi-Fi hotspots are dangerous because of their free nature. Everybody can have access to a free Wi-Fi hotspot, which increases the security risks from hackers on the prowl for sensitive information. Even viruses can send information over the network, which is why mobile operating systems need dedicated antivirus systems. But anti-virus systems alone are insufficient for safe and secure browsing.

VPN is the only technology currently available that can help you enjoy a safe browsing experience. A VPN has the ability to encrypt all data being transmitted over a network, which renders the data illegible for any prying eyes. Due to the extent of the smartphone and tablet usage in the market, VPN companies are now designing dedicated VPN apps for mobile operating systems. And at the top of the crust is Android. Due to the popularity of the OS and due to its open source nature, it is particularly easy for companies to design a dedicated VPN app for Android.

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It is possible to set up VPN on Android using the manual setup option. But using an Android app gives the user flexibility to utilize the entire range of VPN services on offer. By using an Android VPN app, a subscriber can change the IP address, choose a server, change the encryption protocol, and do more with their VPN app.

But how do you choose the best VPN for Android? In our reviews, we have found a few VPN service providers that offer great VPN apps and support for Android operating systems. But we would like you, our readers, to choose the best VPN for Android. We have chosen a few nominees for the best VPN for Android, and we have selected the VPN companies according to our fantastic experience with the Android VPN apps available for download. However, we would like you, the actual subscriber, to choose the winner, owing to your hands-on experience using the VPN on your Android device.

Best VPN For Android: The Nominees



IPVanish is one of the best VPN companies that we have reviewed, and we found their support for Android VPN to be excellent. Offering a dedicated VPN for Android, IPVanish is one of the few VPN service providers that actually care about their subscribers by offering a fast and secure VPN service. Read our IPVanish review.



PureVPN is another reputed and trusted VPN service provider that offers a dedicated Android app for connecting to their VPN services. They do have excellent support for Android users, and their VPN android app is well designed for mobile VPN on the go. Read our PureVPN review.



Offering one of the fastest VPN networks in the industry, VyprVPN from Golden Frog is a popular choice among VPN users. Home to an exhaustive server network, VyprVPN offers a standalone VPN app for Android. Read our VyprVPN review.

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One of the stable VPN service providers out there, Express VPN is a reliable VPN service provider that was among the first few who designed their own VPN app for Android. Their experience in the industry has allowed them to evolve their services and offer good quality VPN services for the mobile platform. Read our ExpressVPN review.


Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is one of the cheapest VPN service providers, but offers excellent VPN features to help you stay secure and anonymous online. Private Internet Access is also the only company that offers a dedicated Android app in this price range. Read our detailed Private Internet Access Review.

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