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According to the OpenNet Initiative, Internet censorship in Vietnam is classified as pervasive in the areas of politics, social and national security. On the other hand, Reporters without Borders considers Vietnam as an “internet enemy”.

Content like political criticisms, both from local and overseas, is blocked in Vietnam. Blocked content is usually written in the Vietnamese language and anything that has something to do with Vietnam issues are most likely censored.

Bloggers are also being restricted on what they can only publish or cover on their websites or blog. An incident in mid-2008 prompted the Ministry of Information to set rules for bloggers. Back then many blogs criticized the government for corruption. The government’s response was to restrict and dictate bloggers covering personal matters only.

Vietnam’s internet censorship bill officially took effect in September 2013. The decree, known as Decree 72, states that blogs should only be used for personal information.

How To Gain Internet Freedom in Vietnam

The best and most effective way of bypassing Internet restrictions in Vietnam is to use a VPN. With a Vietnam VPN, Vietnamese users would be able to freely access anything they desire online.

While connected to a VPN, users will also be safeguarding their connections. No one would be able to sniff through their Internet activities and personal data.

A VPN anonymizes your Internet activities and keeps your data private. The best Vietnam VPN offers top-notch VPN features such as highly efficient encryption, secure connections and reliable and fast Internet speeds.

Best Vietnam VPN

Choose any of the five VPNs below to use when you’re in Vietnam. These VPN service providers are considered as the best in the industry when it comes to unblocking the Internet in Vietnam.



VyprVPN is a world-class VPN service provider that is based in Switzerland and is powered by GoldenFrog, known for offering the Usenet service Giganews. VyprVPN hosts more than 700 servers located in 40 countries. The company has a VyprVPN server cluster in Vietnam too. Take advantage of VyprVPN’s three-day free trial before opting for the premium subscription. VyprVPN only costs $9.99 per month.

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StrongVPN is a truly reliable VPN service used by many expats living in Vietnam. StrongVPN offers solid, fast and highly secure VPN connections. StrongVPN is based in the US but it has servers in 20 different countries. As of this writing, StrongVPN has a VPN network composed of 440+ servers and continuously growing. Give the service a try today. StrongVPN is available for $21 for three months.

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HideMyAss Pro VPN


HideMyAss has one of the largest VPN network in the entire industry. This UK-based VPN service provider has more than 700 servers located in 128+ countries. Its servers are located in the US, UK, Vietnam, Australia and Finland to name a few. HideMyAss costs $11.52 for a month of quality VPN connections. Subscribe to a longer term and get discounts as well.

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BolehVPN is among the best Vietnam VPNs out there. This Malaysia-based VPN service provider has a growing VPN network spread across 12 countries. BolehVPN offers quality, secure and amazingly fast VPN connections for $10 per month. Interested users can also give the service a test run for a one-day only free trial.

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PureVPN was established in 2006 in Hong Kong. Today, it is one of the most reputable and trusted VPN companies out there. PureVPN has servers located in 87+ countries. PureVPN’s more than 300 servers are located in countries like Vietnam, Philippines, US, UK and Ukraine. PureVPN offers its VPN services for only $9.95 per month.

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