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The oil-rich nation of the United Arab Emirates is not only ideal for investment ventures, but it is also a luxurious tourist destination with marvelous attractions.

If you are visiting UAE anytime soon though, know that certain conveniences aren’t available in the country. VoIP services for example are still not licensed to operate in UAE. Skype and Viber don’t work in UAE yet.

In terms of censorship policy though, UAE doesn’t seem to be implementing heavy filtering and blocking practices. The UAE censoring board is focused on blocking pornographic content, alcohol-related materials, gambling, dating sites and culturally and religiously inappropriate content particularly materials offensive to Islam. In addition, certain Wikipedia pages are also being filtered out.

Anonymous Browsing in UAE

Although the government does not seem to be involved in data collecting and spying practices, anonymously browsing the Internet when in UAE can still be beneficial to the people as well as expats and tourists. Using an anonymizing tool such as a VPN will do the trick in keeping your Internet browsing habits safe and private.

It’s not so difficult to bypass internet restrictions. All you need is a reliable VPN service to unblock the internet wherever you are.

We have compared the top notch VPN services and we have concluded with these five providers being the best VPN for UAE.




VyprVPN is a reliable VPN service that offers top quality VPN connections for $9.99 per month. Users from UAE can give the service a test run for three days to see if the service works well in UAE. VyprVPN has more than 700 servers across the world, making it one of the largest VPN networks in the entire industry today. Each subscription also comes with a Dump Truck online storage account too.

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StrongVPN is a popular and reputed VPN company that is based in the US. StrongVPN currently has more than 440 servers in 20 countries. The VPN network is also growing by the day. StrongVPN offers safe and fast VPN connections to users across the world. Its UAE package costs $21 for three months. Take advantage of its seven-day money back guarantee to test out the service.

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PureVPN offers amazing VPN connections to users in UAE and all over the world. The VPN company operates 350 servers in 45 different countries. PureVPN is a reliable and trusted VPN company that offers unblocking and anonymizing features. The service costs $9.95 per month but users can save more if they opt to purchase a multi-month subscription term.

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IPVanish is an easy-to-use UAE VPN that comes with a lot of amazing features. IPVanish can bypass geo-restricted content and allows users to anonymously surf the web anytime, anywhere. IPVanish has a VPN network that composes of more than 135 servers in 60 countries. IPVanish is priced $10 per month. Its seven-day money back guarantee is equivalent to a free trial access so take advantage of it.

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HideMyAss Pro VPN


HideMyAss is capable of bypassing blocked websites and pages in UAE, and all contents blocked around the world for that matter. HMA is without a doubt one of the best VPNs today. HideMyAss has more than 700 servers in 100 countries. Using HideMyAss Pro VPN will let you surf the web freely no matter where you are. Give the service a try for $11.52 (per month).

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