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Hong Kong has been in the headlines in 2014 due to the pro-democracy protesters taking to the streets to voice their desire for a democratic reform. Unfortunately, the loud protest and hunger strikes seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

The government’s stand and refusal to negotiate to the protesters’ demand for open elections has been unwavering. As a result, China’s great Internet firewall has been censoring information about the Hong Kong protests.

Posts related to the Hong Kong protest or any kind of dissent are censored over at China’s controlled version of Twitter, Weibo. Anything that mentions of the Hong Kong protests is subject for automatic deletion.

Any form of social movement is concealed to the Chinese public at the moment. Mainland China has effectively controlled the information that can only be accessed by the majority of the Chinese people.

While there is very little Internet censorship laws in Hong Kong, Internet use is still largely monitored. China has control of the telecommunication companies in Hong Kong thus it can conceivably shut down the Internet in the special administrative region.

If you’re in Hong Kong and would like to access websites without limitations, you’ll need to use an effective anonymizing tool in order to bypass any form of restrictions or even China’s great firewall.

We have tested, compared and thoroughly reviewed the most-trusted VPN service providers that offer the best VPN solutions that work well in Hong Kong. Take a look at our top five Best Hong Kong VPN services.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is committed to providing the highest standards of privacy. PIA offer fast and highly encrypted VPN connections for an affordable price. PIA has over 1,800 servers located in 12 countries including Hong Kong US, UK and China. Protect your privacy with a safe and secure VPN service that costs $6.95 per month.

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PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service provider that offers top notch VPN connections worldwide. PureVPN has over 450 servers, 75,000 IPs and is compatible with most devices. The servers are located in 87 Countries, including four servers in Hong Kong. Get the PureVPN service for $9.95.

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VyprVPN promises to let you browse the Internet freely. Currently, VyprVPN has servers in 40+ countries including Hong Kong, Canada, US and UK. VyprVPN has more than 700 servers update which is more than what its competitors have. VyprVPN offers a three-day trial for those who’d like to give the service a test run. Monthly subscription fee costs $9.99.

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StrongVPN is also a good choice for a reliable, quality and fast VPN service. StrongVPN hosts more than 440 servers located in 20 countries. StrongVPN promises to provide users the solutions to have a USA, UK, NL or CA IP while in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world. StrongVPN is available for $21 for three months.

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ExpressVPN allows users in Hong Kong to access internetional content. ExpressVPN offers a reliable and efficient way of protecting your data while surfing the web. Established in 2008, ExpressVPN promises top notch VPN services to users all over the world. The VPN company has more than 200 servers located in 45 countries.

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