Author: Summer Hirst

Summer is a technology reporter and web-enthusiast. She writes about trends and technologies that affect our daily lives in a way that makes complex issues appear comprehensible for the rest of us. Summer is fresh out of university and based in London, United Kingdom

Lookout Discovers SocialPath Malware in Google Play Store

Mobile security vendor Lookout has discovered a variant of the malware SocialPath in Google Play, in an app that describes itself as a ‘reputation management’ tool, which says that it will notify users whenever their photos are uploaded on the Internet. But it actually steals their data. The Save Me app, which is a variant […]


Piracy Law in Canada May Require VPNs To Log User Data

According to a new law, Canadian ISPs are now required to send copyright infringement statements to their subscribers. The new law also creates troubles for VPN providers as they may now be required to log their customers’ data for a minimum of six months. After several years of discussion, Canada has finally implemented the new […]


Experts Warn of Rising Ransomware in 2015

Security experts are expecting 2015 to be the year where ransomware and extortionware grows significantly, according to reports. In its 2015 Threats Prediction Report, McAfee Labs says that this year we will see an increase in the use of cyber espionage and cyber warfare tactics, with analysts predicting an increase in ransomware and extortionware, where […]


Police Question Lizard Squad Suspects in the UK & Finland

Authorities in the UK and Finland have been questioning two people allegedly involved with the hacker group, Lizard Squad, who were responsible for the Christmas Day attacks on PlayStation and Xbox. Vincent Omari, the spokesman for the hacking group Lizard Squad, was arrested over PayPal theft. The 22-year-old had allegedly stolen funds from several PayPal […]

The FBI is Hiring ‘Ethical Hackers’ as Cyber Special Agents

The FBI is now hiring technology experts to join their forces in roles like cyber special agents and computer scientists with experience in ethical hacking, malware analysis, and computer programming. An ‘ethical hacker’ is a person who breaks into a system to check its security. Their intentions are not to hurt the system, but to […]


Iran to Expand Censoring Program with ‘Smart Filtering’

Iran is all set to expand its ‘smart filtering’ of the Internet. The country appears to be no longer interested in imposing a blanket ban on websites and will instead attempt to filter out the ‘harmful’ content. The method of smart filtering tries to censor unwanted or undesirable content without completely banning websites. Iran has […]

South Korean Nuclear Reactor Computer Systems Hacked

South Korea has admitted that the computer systems at some of its nuclear reactors have been hacked. This has raised serious concerns about the safety and integrity of its nuclear facilities, especially since the country is technically at war with North Korea. Last week, documents and manuals about equipment used by South Korea’s nuclear plant […]

Vawtrak Crimeware-as-a-Service Threatens Banking Institutions

A new report released by security firm Sophos has raised alarms about the growing popularity of a botnet-based malware model called Vawtrak. The botnet infects common URLs by injecting a malicious code, which allows the attackers to steal Internet banking credentials when a user inputs them on the bank’s site. The attack has gathered the […]

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San Diego Police Faces Lawsuit Over Tracking Phones

A civil rights group has sued the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) over the use of stingrays, the controversial cellphone data tracking technology. The SDPD uses the stingray surveillance devices to collect a large amount of phone data to find a target. The First Amendment Coalition group is demanding that the information regarding the tracking […]


Researchers Identify ‘Grinch’ Bug As Christmas Approaches

Researchers have identified a new vulnerability affecting Linux-based operating systems – the Grinch bug. By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can gain root access to a system running on Linux. Grinch is similar to the Shellshock bug which hit the cyberspace in September and emerged just days after another bug called Poodle surfaced. Alert Logic wrote […]

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Best VPN for Torrent Clients & P2P

Whether it’s grabbing digital content for free or taking a stand against corporations that make huge profits, copyright piracy remains one of the most popular online phenomena of all time. Although online piracy can lead to prison terms in some cases, file sharing through torrents isn’t slowing down. Millions of Internet users seed and leech […]


SoakSoak Malware Forces Google to Blacklist 11K WordPress Sites

Google has blacklisted over 11,000 WordPress based websites that were infected by a Russian malware named SoakSoak, which redirects users to shady links that download harmful payloads to their systems. WordPress is among the most popular CMS (content management systems), which is used to run more than 70 million sites on the web. This makes […]

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2014 Was The Year of Hacks, Cybercrime & Data Breaches

In 2014, data breaches and cyber attacks rocked everyone from individuals to companies to governments. High end data attacks stole the personal details of users and took a toll on the finances of companies as millions of financial records were stolen and then sold in underground markets. While some businesses are trying to patch up […]


Canada Rules Police Can Search Cellphones Without A Warrant

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can search mobile phones belonging to suspects, provided that they limit the scope of the search and follow certain steps. This verdict is widely regarded as a setback to privacy advocates. The judgment was given regarding a case that concerned an armed robbery that took place […]

Best VPN for Travel

The Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab has warned that the ‘Darkhotel’ espionage campaign is still active and has been going on for at least four years. The Darkhotel campaign is designed to target unprotected hotel Wi-Fi networks and steal sensitive data from high profile corporate executives traveling abroad. The hackers behind the […]