Author: Dan Parker

Dan Parker

Dan is a technology reporter from San Jose, California, currently living right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Raised around tech, he's found interests in various gadgets and the companies that make them for years. When not blogging about tech, he can be found hunting for music, shredding the slopes in South Lake, or whipping up a dish for friends in the kitchen.

The recent take down of Silk Road 2.0 was a part of a much larger crackdown operation by the FBI and UK’s National Crime Association in several countries, seizing several darknet domains. The police have arrested 17 individuals from several countries and the bust has resulted in the shutdown of more than 25 other Tor anonymized websites, including the Silk Road 2.0. The authorities had earlier reported that they had shut down 400 websites, but the number has now been replaced with 27. With incomplete records of the investigation, there is much speculation about the technologies used by the FBI to crack…

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A group of unknown hackers carried out a well-planned multi-vector DDoS attack on a video gaming website. The attack peaked at almost 110 Gbps and sent more than 90 million packets per second. However, the attack was successfully countered by new Behemoth Scrubbers by Incapsula. Last week, Incapsula contacted the VPNCreative team and told us about the attack. The attack took place within a month of launching the Behemoth scrubbers deployed in five data centers: Los Angeles, San Jose, London, Frankfurt, and Miami. The attack started on June 21 and continued until July 28, lasting for 38 days, which was much longer than initially…

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