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Is The IRS Guilty of Snooping Your Social Media Accounts?

Something that’s a well-known fact is that the IRS doesn’t give up very easily. Once they are on your case, they’re really on your case. With approximately $300 billion going unreported to the IRS each year, it seems to be fair game on their part. Garnished wages, extra fees, and even jail time are some Read More

China’s Crackdown on Pornography Online

Accessing different kinds of content in China can be challenging given the government firm control over the Internet and unsurprisingly, this includes explicit and sexual content. In 2002, the People’s Republic of China officially made Internet pornography illegal and two years later, the crackdown seemed to be underway as a Chinese woman was arrested for Read More


Android Devices Open to Heartbleed Bug – Here is How to Fix It

By now, you probably heard about the Heartbleed bug. It’s already been discussed in the news for a number of weeks. While it’s still very misunderstood, hackers exploiting the vulnerability are already getting arrested – in this case, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) website was exploited and the Social Insurance Number’s (Canada’s equivalent of Social Read More


Heartbleed Is Breaching Your VPN – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

By now, most high ranked websites have fixed themselves if they were vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. In fact, all of the top 1,000 websites worldwide have already patched the issue. Based on Alexa rankings, only about 20,000 in the top million visited websites are still vulnerable to Heartbleed. So it’s safe to say that Read More


Censorship on Reddit – Are They Taking It Too Far?

Censorship is sometimes justified. For instance, it may be used to block out obvious hate messages or to eliminate spam content. In those essences, it is not true “censorship” but rather a quality assurance technique. The same can be said with WordPress blogs – not allowing any of those random spam comments to get through Read More

Win Mozilla’s $10,000 Bug Bounty for Upcoming Firefox Release

Mozilla is no stranger to bounties. They have provided bounty rewards for discovering bugs in their software in the past. Their “Bug Bounty Program” rewards individuals $500 for high severity and $3,000 for critical bugs. This is an ongoing offering, but it is separate from the recently announced $10,000 bounty. So what is this new Read More


Surprisingly, These Are Your Bank’s Biggest Security Risks

With the Heartbleed bug starting to generate less noise in the news, an interesting takeaway from the whole incident is the strength of many of the largest banks in the world. It really is impressive to see that the majority of the online banking websites have been left unaffected by the Heartbleed bug. Still, banks Read More

Meet the Linux Foundation’s “Core Infrastructure Initiative” Project

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that is set up to help with the growth and expansion of Linux. To date, it has taken on many large corporations as members. The foundation receives over $6 million a year in donations as of this month. The majority of this comes from the eight platinum members, Read More

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