The Ultimate Guide to Watch ‘Made in Chelsea’ Abroad

This guide will enable you to enjoy Made in Chelsea abroad no matter wherever in the world you are. So, whether you are an expat, went outside of the UK for a short business tour or simply aren’t from the UK but want to access Made in Chelsea content, this guide is for you!

The invention of television changed our lives completely. Thanks to it, we could see the world through a little screen, and the creative minds didn’t take long to produce films, short series, documentaries, and other shows. Sports transmissions and live events followed, and near the new millennium, reality TV programs became widely spread around the world.

Of course, in most of the cases, those reality TV shows could only be enjoyed by people living in the production country. For example, only the Americans could enjoy such a program if it was produced and created in the United States.

With the rise of the Internet fever, the situation began to change. Online streaming services and sites broadcasted some of these shows to international audiences, and more people around the planet got to know what reality TV is. However, in most cases, geographical restrictions are governing the Internet world, which means that only people in specific areas could get to enjoy productions made in particular locations.

There is, however, a quick and straightforward way to watch reality TV shows, like the world-famous Made in Chelsea, in other locations abroad, outside of England and Great Britain. That tool goes by the name of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Made in Chelsea: Britain’s hottest reality show!

Made in Chelsea is one of the hottest reality TV shows in the United Kingdom, and has been since its creation in 2011. Abbreviated MIC, it is a reality TV program in the mold of “The Only Way is Essex,” which is one of UK’s pioneers in the genre, although with notable differences.

The channel E4 is the one with broadcasting rights Made in Chelsea in the United Kingdom area. The program showcases the adventures of a group of mid-twenties people with a lot of money.

They live in the West London and South West areas of Kings Road, Belgravia and Knightsbridge. They travel to cities and places such as Dubai, Marrakech, Finland, Saint-Tropez, Verbier, New York City, Venice, Barbados, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Ibiza, and the South of France.

The show, divided into 15 series, accumulates more a total of 174 successful episodes since 2011. It has been so popular that, in 2013, it took home a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award in the Reality and Structured Factual category.

The show, so far, received mixed reviews from the critic, but the mainstream media seems to love it. It is one of the first streaming options for both British people living abroad, and those currently in the country. Pundits, for the show, have used adjectives such as “addictive” and “lovable.” Made in Chelsea topped 1 million viewers per episode (after years flirting with that mark) for the first time in Series 7.

People often say that “The Only Way is Essex” was the first reality TV show with a proper structure and fame ever produced in the United Kingdom. However, Made in Chelsea is the one that took British TV (at least in the same genre) to the next level of worldwide recognition.

The show has served as a showcase platform for several royalty-linked people, as well as other personalities such as Stanley Johnson, father of current British Foreign Secretary and former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Spencer Matthews, one of the most widely known ex-cast members, is the brother of Pippa Middleton’s husband, James Matthews.

Cast members (ex, current and recurring)

  • Francis Boulle
  • Fredrik Ferrier
  • Louise Thompson
  • Mark-Francis Vandelli
  • Jamie Laing
  • Oliver Proudlock
  • Alex Mytton
  • Sam Thompson
  • Victoria Baker-Harber
  • Sophie Hermann
  • Alik Alfus
  • Olivia Bentley
  • Georgia “Toff” Toffolo
  • Frankie Gaff
  • Mimi Bouchard
  • Sam Prince
  • Ryan Libbey
  • Digby Edgley
  • Harry Baron
  • James Taylor
  • Clementine Cuthbertson
  • Melissa Tattam
  • Sophie “Habbs” Haboo
  • Stanley Johnson
  • Ben Darby

E4: UK television for everyone!

E4 is a terrestrial digital TV channel with operational bases in Great Britain and Ireland. It is famous for broadcasting British programs such as Skins, My Mad Fat Diary, Misfits, The Inbetweeners, The Ricky Gervais Show, Shameless, Hollyoaks, Coach Trip, and Made in Chelsea.

Subsequently, it also broadcasts American productions to British people. Some of them are The Goldbergs, The O.C.,Β The Cleveland Show, Smallville, Everwood, Veronica Mars, What About Brian, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, 90210, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Scream Queens, 2 Broke Girls, Friends, and Revenge.

The E4 network is Channel Four’s entertainment cable channel and is available on satellite and cable TV packages, in Freeview and other set-top boxes. However, people outside of the UK will have a hard time accessing the streaming signal because of geo-blocking issues.

Series that we mentioned have fans all over the world, even the British ones, and expats and fans living abroad will not have access unless they have an external tool to help.

Fortunately, that external tool or resource not only exists, but also, it is very straightforward to install, use, and acquire. It is called Virtual Private Network (VPN), and it is available as a web service at very friendly prices to solve your privacy, security, anonymity, and accessibility issues.

Gain full access to every show with a VPN

Virtual Private Networks help spoof people’s location and make the E4 streaming channel (or any other) believe the connection request is coming somewhere from the UK when, in reality, that is not the case. With VPN’s ability to hide the user’s IP address and traffic, you could borrow a British IP number and enjoy access to E4 to watch Made in Chelsea and other shows made in Great Britain.

VPN brands and services use protocols and technologies to hide people’s content and online identity. Among them are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, and more. They help encrypt the communication between the end user and VPN server in such a way that it remains off-limits to hackers, your Internet Service Provider, annoying online stores and advertisers, crypto miners, and more.

A reliable VPN client or brand will have numerous servers and countries available to connect to, with the intention of letting people choose their preferred networks and access pages and content from a sizable number of nations.

Steps to watch Made in Chelsea abroad with a VPN

  • Choose a VPN provider with servers in the UK, robust security measures, and high-grade encryption.
  • Go to your chosen provider’s website.
  • Register for the VPN service, by providing your email, name, and of course, a payment method.
  • Access the apps section on the site of your chosen VPN, and download their client according to your device.
  • Install the downloaded VPN application on your device, and run it.
  • Sign in to the VPN app with the username/password you previously chose during the sign-up process.
  • Connect to a server in the United Kingdom.
  • After establishing a connection, open the All 4 (E4) streaming site.
  • Look for Made in Chelsea in the series section (hint: the site also has a search button if you can’t locate something there).
  • Start streaming Made in Chelsea, just as if you were physically in the UK!

Best VPN to watch Made in Chelsea abroad

ExpressVPN: One of the best all-around VPN services in the market is ExpressVPN, it is highly compatible and suitable for streaming international content, having servers in 94 countries and apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

ExpressVPN provides stealthy encryption, fast servers in 148 total locations, and the ability to connect five different devices at the same time (with one subscription/account). On top of all that, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you try its services for a month and don’t find yourself satisfied, you can ask for a refund with no hassle.

Excellent customer service is another one of ExpressVPN’s calling cards, with a top-notch and highly responsive live chat feature and email support. The site design is attractive and easy to navigate for the info, the app’s interface is user-friendly, and they have a page for tutorials, videos, FAQ sections, manuals, and guides to help you through the process.

PureVPN: Undoubtedly, the fastest VPN brand in the industry is PureVPN – they provide customers with several servers in the United Kingdom for streaming the All 4/E4 signal and watch Made in Chelsea from anywhere.

The PureVPN package includes more than 450+ servers, 100+ nations, and 88,000 IPs for a mere $10.95 per month. It also offers a kill switch, protection for DNS leak, and all the significant protocols for strong encryption, as well as high compatibility since it works with all of the known operating systems.


In conclusion, Made in Chelsea may have mixed reviews depending on who you ask, but there is no denying that this show has taken British’ reality TV to the upper echelon of the industry. It has accumulated 15 series, more than 170 episodes, and is still up and running, captivating audiences all over the world.

Since it is a British production, it is meant to be seen only in UK territory. However, the show has its fair share of international viewers, and they need an online resource to stream all the episodes successfully. VPNs such as ExpressVPN and PureVPN can help in that regard efficiently, and they offer privacy and security as well (undoubtedly, an exceptional bonus).