How Our Online Activities are Tracked and Watched

Is it possible to achieve privacy in this modern time? Almost every app on our phone has some tracking algorithm that helps to monitor our online activities. We accept the request for an application to know where we are just for us to proceed using the same app, be it games, or other applications that interest us.

Nevertheless, the new age technological system has produced an avenue where almost each of our activities can be tracked through our electronic gadgets, likewise, these gadgets can listen to the things we say, and also know our present location.

Gadget or devices like Iphone’s Siri and also Amazon Alexa are manufactured to monitor our day to day activities. Even though you aren’t aware of these facts, or probably have heard but do not like the idea, you are being watched. The applications that we use, the TV shows that we watch, like Netflix, are in-tuned to locate our location and monitor our activities.

Furthermore, one way we do not know we are tracked and watched is through TV shows which comes up as “watch next.” These pop-ups occur due to the fact that there is an algorithm that solely monitors what you’ve watched in the past, and this will constantly give you the kind of TV shows that you are interested in.

Tracking the type of TV shows that might interest you is not a callous thing, but one question that we need to ponder upon is how secure are we when we surf the World Wide Web through Google?

Google is a search engine that virtually has every data, but however, it is important to know that online searches on Google that you want to keep are lurking you every time you log in to Facebook.

You also need to have in mind that your phone has some GPS location system that can assist different sites like Google and Facebook to access your location at any point in time.

Conferring to a recent Pew research, we could see the number of people in the United States that would love to personally have control over who can have quick access to their vital information. About 74% of people in the United States cared about their privacy. However, the research came up due to a leaked information which was provided by Edward Snowden in 2013 about a spy emulator.

Snowden said in an interview that,

the only thing that hinders the activities of the surveillance state are policies” Snowden further stated that, “ all of these only serve the national interest, with the foreign intelligence included, which has also involved itself in domestic surveillance to monitor the activities of people”

Privacy is an important area of lives and this should be implemented to stop top officials from getting vital information online without our consent. They should be policies implemented to protect emails as well as other online activities on Google.

Also, firms and establishments shouldn’t give detailed information on the things we purchase. Not being concerned on how private your activities are, only means that you do not want your personal information and activities private and also probably your emails.

Other Privacy Issues Associated with Google

Another privacy issue that is a major concern is finding your name on google. It is important to know that right now, in the EU, there is a data protection policy that allows anybody to ask Google to delete any information that can be traced back to them.

Nevertheless, this is possible, but also, the search engine has the authority to deny the appeal based on the level of prominence the person has. Furthermore, Google has the rights not to remove important information on financial scams, criminal records or the public conducts of a government official.

This is a move aimed at permitting different people to have more privacy rights. However, people should have the same rights and policy to have their information safeguarded and not allowing only a set of people to have authority over other peoples’ information. This should also mean that pop-ups on Netflix should be blocked for optimum privacy.

Moreover, there are vital ways to make you anonymous when you surf the net. To keep your information and online activities safe, you need to clear the cookies on your phone and laptop browser. You can also use the incognito option on your browser to keep you safe anytime you want to surf the net. And best of all, a VPN can give you an excellent hand in protecting yourself online.

Additionally, you can also change the privacy settings on your phone and laptop so that the location settings are only switched on when you need to locate a place; also log out of Facebook when you want to visit different shopping websites like Amazon. With all these measures, applications like Facebook will not get your current location, and your online activities will not be tracked.