How to Watch TV Online for Free (or almost Free)

You do not need to pay to watch TV channels and videos necessarily; you can watch free TV online. Many websites are out there with which you can enjoy free tv streaming online, and this article covers the best ones among them!

Have you ever been given anything worthy for free? If yes, what was the feeling? Definitely good. Watching TV online for free is as great; besides, it will help you save some extra coin on things like DVDs and cables.

Moreover, you will be able to catch up quickly on your favorite TV shows you missed. A lot of free content is available in some cases without ads that you can watch-only if you know the right places to watch from.

Which are the good places to look?

A good place to watch online TV for free is one where you won’t be worried about violating anyone’s copyright or merely breaking the law. Therefore, that being said the following are some of the worthy places where you can watch TV online for free comfortably:

Plex channels (contains no Ads)

Plex gathers all those episodes freely published online for you to stream to your computer. It simply offers the best ways available for streaming TV shows online for free.

It is a free streamer and free media organizer that also offers plugins which provide TV channels from some mega sources like CNN, ABS, FOX, CBS, Comedy Central, A&E, PBS, The CW, PBS Kids, Food Network, and many others.

Making it more amazing, it introduced a section for news with a variety of channels that are news-oriented, for example, Euronews and Reuters.

When in the U.S, you won’t be able to access content from some sources like CBC and BBC due to the geo-protection – but that’s not an issue, you can use VPN which will make you appear as if you are in another country.

What is only required of you is just installing a Plex server which is a straightforward process that you should not be worried about. It is available for different platforms that include windows, iOS, Android, PlayStation, web browsers and many other platforms.

Digital Television Broadcasts (contains ads)

In the US, probably you are in the range of over-the-air channels like CBS, CW, FOX and many smaller networks. Here you get local news, some of the famous shows and even local sports games – this will rely on your market.

Digital video recorder accepts the digital signals connecting directly to your network hence allowing you to watch live and recorded TV.

Many products usually generate a guide for the TV so that you can use it to do channel surfing and also when you want to set up recordings. This helps you to replicate cable experience closely.

The connection to the internet gives DVRs full access to programming information which allows mobile app functionality.

Some DVR services include the following:

  • Homework HW 150PVR – doesn’t require a monthly subscription.
  • TabloTV – costs $5 per month with $50 per year and or merely $150 a lifetime, requires additional hardware and two or four tuners.
  • Channelmaster DVR+ – it has no monthly subscription, has two tuners and needs a hard drive.
  • Tivo Roamio – requires 4 tuners, $500 for a lifetime or $15 per month.
  • Plex also has PVR service but currently available only for plex pass members with a $120-lifetime subscription or $5 per month.

Please note, those that require an electronic program guide like Roamio and TabloTV get charged monthly subscription sent continuously to the top box. It is the kind of data that allows scheduling for the upcoming shows.

Amazon prime (no ads)

Most of us have this subscription – only thing is, not everyone knows the fact that it allows free video streaming on the amazon prime site. On the website, you will find almost all recent movies, original prime series, and TV shows.

For free TV streaming services you have the following sites:


Sounds familiar, right? As you might have noticed, it contains ads, but that is not an issue. You can block them via an adblocker such as uBlock origin and enjoy watch ad-free TV online. Here you will find full movies as well as TV shows.


It contains ads and offers an excellent selection of free video content. It collects videos online that are free to create channels from popular sources that include MSNBC, Bloomberg, and RT America.

Pluto.TV is available for the web, windows, iOS, and Mac. You can also get it on streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

PBS (requires the login but doesn’t have ads)

You can watch it online (on, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Please note, you need to log into PBS to use the apps.

Subsequently, watching PBS online, you can enjoy newly available episodes only and not the older shows or full seasons.

Tubi.TV (it contains ads)

Tubi.TV provides content for free from Metro-Goldwyn, paramount pictures, and Lionsgate. The platform is regarded as the most extensive free online media library, although, many commercials support the content.


Twitch.TV has no ads, but the content relates primarily to video games only.


The Sony-owned streaming platform contains ads and features shows in the category of comedy, crime, action, horror, sci-fi, and drama.

Crackle is available in around 21 countries with three languages that include Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Other TV streams that you may like include;

  • Vudu movies on the US.
  • Yahoo view, which was Hulu free formerly.
  • The CW also offers shows for free.
  • If you are better off with sports, Go90 zone should serve you well. Here again, in this case, you will need to use a VPN if you wish to access Go90 outside the US as it is available within America only.
  • Roku channel (ads for movies and it is available only for Roku users).
  • Kanopy – it is available to staff, faculty, and students of selected colleges and universities worldwide. You will find documentaries and Criterion collections on it.
  • Comet
  • Xfinity
  • Blinkx
  • Hoopla Digital – provides free streaming to some libraries in the US and Canda and only.

So, there you have them all! I hope you get to find the best channel for online tv streaming, finally. These are the places you should definitely be. You will find it remarkable in all these platforms to watch online TV for free.

And yes, if you wish to share your experience or report a site, don’t think twice to speak your mind via the comment section available below.