Hide IP Address with a VPN to Keep Your True Identity Safe

One of the many reasons why the internet is being censored is because there is just too much information available right now.

People can basically access any information they want merely by browsing the internet. And the governments do not like that.

Thus, it is doing everything in its power to limit the information that can only be available to the mass.

The government/websites know precisely where you are

Yep, you’ve read it correctly. The government can pinpoint your exact whereabouts by merely looking at your IP address.

Unfortunately, most people that use the internet are not aware that they are exposed from prying eyes.

An IP address is basically your personal ID whenever you browse the open web.

Any website that you access can see your IP address which could ultimately be used by onlookers to track down your exact location.

So every time your device (computer, smartphones, iPad) sends a request to a particular website, it is primarily sending your IP address to the website’s server.

Since your computer is sending the request over an open channel, others could intercept the signal and therefore can get their hands on your IP address.

Can I hide my IP address from websites?

Unfortunately, websites need your IP address to grant you access to their platform or content.

There is, however, a way to trick sites into thinking that you are using the IP address you appear to be using.

You need to change your IP address.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is pretty easy to change your IP address.

Thanks to a tool called a VPN, you can now mask your IP address with a fake one within seconds.

Everybody can benefit from using a VPN. You can get an additional layer of protection online when you get your actual IP address hidden from the web.

Hiding your IP address will also give you more freedom to browse the web and access the information you desire.

Is your IP address blocked on certain websites? Use a fake IP and be able to bypass the website’s geographic restrictions.

Use a VPN if you want to explore the internet privately.

With this remarkable technology, you can easily hide your internet activities from snoopers, spies, and webmasters among others.

Steps on how to use a VPN service

Choosing the VPN service to subscribe to is the hard part of using a VPN.

From hundreds of VPN providers available in the market today, only some VPNs offers the real deal. So, see to it that you choose the right VPN for your needs.

You may check our guide in identifying the right VPN service to use.

Once you have finally decided on which VPN to use, the next steps are already super-duper easy.

Anyone regardless of their technical knowledge and skills can set up a VPN on their device.

Gladly, most VPN services around provide easy-to-install VPN clients to its users.

All you have to do is download the VPN application, install it following the VPN provider’s recommendation/instruction, start the app, and wa-lah! You are already connected to the VPN network.

Protect your internet activities by hiding your actual IP address, now. Use a VPN to keep your connections secured today! Leave in the comments below what your favorite VPN service is.