10 Reasons Why You Need VPN

There are many good reasons why you need VPN. The reality has changed a lot when it comes to our online lives, including insecure networks, hackers, and surveillance.

Users now are in a state of creeping dread sense, and rightly so – as various forces array against their privacy these days.

And to secure your data in this digital age, the easiest thing you can do is making use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What VPN does is, it creates an encrypted tunnel between a remote VPN server and you – and then, all internal and external traffic gets routed via that tunnel, which makes your internet secure from the prying eyes.

Within no time, VPNs have made a strong transition from a good thing to a necessity. Again, because of the concerns about online privacy.

Not just the snoopers are out there on a hunt, other things such as regulations on the act of Investigatory Powers in the UK (for example)–or the new legislation that got passed this year in the USA regarding ISPs (for selling user data) are significant threats to users online privacy too.

So I believe there are tons of reasons why you need to start using VPN. Yet, I thought of making your life easier; here are ten good reasons why one needs a VPN in 2018 that you can check.

Secure Messaging Platforms

We live in the era where everything has evolved. We moved from simple e-mails based on texts to the vigorous cross platform messaging platforms including Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Skype to name a few.

The problem is, some of them are not encrypted (at least as thoroughly as they claim) – and that is a perfect way for snoopers to intercept users messages.

However, if you put these messaging apps via a VPN, you increase your chances of better security (encryption). By using VPN with your messaging apps, you’ll be able to keep your conversations safe and private from all the prying eyes online.

VoIP Safety

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a new invention that enables digital voice communications and costs much less than traditional phone lines. The magic behind it is routing calls through internet.

More than this, the worrisome thing is, instead of tapping on each subscriber lines, the VoIP calls can get analyzed and made in mass.

So, when you make a VoIP call thru a VPN, it gets encrypted, and from here it requires strong decryption abilities to get access to it. In this way, things are way harder for the hackers to break and intercept.

Online gaming

For some, using VPN to enjoy an online game can be a bit weird. However, it can offer many advantages. As an example for a beginner, they will have anonymity all the time.

From here you keep your account details (many have information about credit cards) safe.

Subsequently, VPN offers the option to bypass geo-blocking. To understand this, I have an example for you. An Indian can play an India-based game almost everywhere in the world.

Besides this, a VPN can fasten the connection speeds (and help you avoid the throttling) – and the right to access faster gaming servers (something in the past you weren’t able to achieve).

Another cool fact, VPN can protect you against the DDoS attacks. If you play online games, you can expect to be attacked by your gaming rivals in the form of DDoS. The attacker usually targets your internet connection and turns it down, so you find yourself kicked out of the game – all the sudden.

Avoiding government censorship

In many countries such as China, the internet is actively censored, because of governments’ regime.

That keeps everyone tight to the regime and from all those websites we are so granted to have access.

For sure, when you attempt to travel to a county like China, you’re going to be a clear target of internet censorship.

So because of this, you might need VPN, in this way you’ll be free to go all over the internet no matter wherever you go in the world.

Secure the public WiFi

Admittedly, another essential aspect of our lives is to stay connected and have free Wi-Fi (it at least has become). That especially became a commodity to stay connected with job colleagues and family.

Here, in case of WiFi, the bonus is, you don’t consume your smartphones data plan while using Wi-Fi.

On the other side, public Wi-Fi is full of dangers such as hazards and fraught. You can fall for packet sniffers, into fake WiFi hotspots and get infected via malware or even hacked.

Still, there is hope, and the modern VPN encryption protocol wills keep you protected from these attacks even on the free WiFis.

Location-based custom price targeting

Besides targeting ads based on customers, businesses adjust the price accordingly – most of the times. We need to admit the fact that supermarket chains change prices on particular items based on the location and local competition.

And, this kind of move is more annoying when it comes to the online world.

For sure, a Virtual Private Network can come to your rescue in this case as well. You can change your location on websites with a VPN and receive the right prices you want – not the ones based on your area.

Bypassing restrictions

However, this move is perfect to protect users; still, sometimes it’s annoying not to be able to access blocked topics.

As an example, someone was researching topics like ‘breast cancer’ for some information purpose. But he got blocked, because of the word ‘breast’.

The purpose was to restrict users from pornography, and the word was on the restricted list, though.

But when using VPN, you have reliable internet access, and you avoid unreasonable restrictions.

Stop the Google tracking

It’s not a new thing that Google acts as a Big Brother from time to time. The social giant tracks users online activity, which includes even searching into the users’ Gmail accounts (from where they increase target ads).

However, the company claimed they’d stop this kind of behavior. Far from Gmail, Google captures tons of data from other sources. Let’s face it; it’s the giant among the search engines and there is nothing much you can do to them.

But here is where the VPN enters the game, allowing users to not let Google track whatever they want and enable them to take hold of their privacy.

Because while not using a VPN, Google basically tracks every move of a user online from search, emails, Google apps and Chrome browser.

Research without leaving any trace

Sometimes a research needs to get done without leaving any marks behind. To clarify my point, if for example, a company wishes to have a look at their competitor’s policies or available jobs – it’s ideal not to reveal their IP (Internet Protocol) address. Even if it’s of a public Wi-Fi or a workplace one.

For this case, the VPN can be handy, since the user will receive an entirely unique IP address that can be geographically different as another point of safety.

Take your privacy control back

Quite merely, VPN became a real necessity to maintain internet activities private a while ago. Cloud storage accounts and email with high risks of compromising are a real target for the hackers.

Thankfully, as you begin using VPN and choose a strong encryption protocol, you can take your privacy back.

Summing it up

So, considering the online threats of the current cyber world, password managers and Antivirus apps are not enough to keep you safe. A VPN is the uniquely powerful tool that we need to include in our personal security toolkit as a must, especially in the connected-world of today!