The Best VPN Service for $5.00 or Less

You may think that the more you pay for a VPN service, the safer and more stable connections it will be. But while it might be true for certain VPN services, it surely does not apply to all paid VPN services available in the market today.

To be honest, I think that there are a lot of VPN services out there that can’t live up to their promises. Although the price of a VPN service can often dictate how it will perform, you still won’t be able to grasp the full extent of the service not unless you give it a try first before purchasing.

In reality, there are affordable VPN services that perform like their more expensive counterparts – and there are expensive VPNs which perform like mediocre and seemingly unreliable VPN services.

Cheap is not always bad

Luckily, in the world of VPN services, you can still get quality VPN connections at a low cost. A VPN service does not have to cost you a fortune. The average price for a VPN service is $10.00 for one month.

Now, if you think that that’s still a bit expensive, no worries, there are cheaper alternatives that can still provide top-notch performances.

How about $5.00 per month for a VPN service? That is the price of a cup of coffee.

To achieve a low price like this, you often have to signup for a longer period, like six or 12 months.

Check out the top five VPN providers offering their services for a very affordable price!

Private Internet Access

For as low as $3.33 per month, you can now get stable, reliable, fast, and unlimited VPN connections. Private Internet Access is one of the most trusted VPN providers that you can rely on. To achieve this low monthly cost, you have to signup for the $40 annual subscription.

The VPN company offers more than 3,000 servers in 25 countries – that’s a large number of servers to help you become anonymous while surfing the web! Private Internet Access works on most devices and security protocols.

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PureVPNe is one of the best VPN service providers available in the entire market today. The VPN company is offering its service for only $70 for a two-year subscription period – that’s equivalent to $2.95 per month.

PureVPN is nothing but a top-rated VPN service with cool features. PureVPN has servers in all continents and in major cities worldwide. Some of the best features that PureVPN has to offer are IP leakage protection, internet kill switch, multiple logins, and complete anonymity.


If you are looking for the ultimate VPN for less than $5 per month, Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN) is a perfect choice! The VPN service offers 4 different VPN plans that all costs less than $5 per month (subscription is paid yearly).

ibVPN offers more than 130 servers that are located in 47 countries. The VPN service also allows P2P / torrenting activities which is rare in the VPN industry.


Your $49.00 will go a long way with Ivacy. The VPN service is offering its VPN service for only $49.00 for 2 years, that’s equivalent to $2.04 per month. The VPN service comes with 256-bit encryption for ultimate protection, 5 multi logins, unlimited bandwidth and so much more!

Ivacy has around 100 VPN server locations and guarantees 99% uptime with unlimited speed. The VPN service is packed with so many useful features including Internet Kill Switch, P2P-sharing support, and a split tunneling feature.


TunnelBear will protect you at all cost – that’s $50 per year (approximately $4 per month). TunnelBear will allow you to browse the internet anonymously and privately.

The VPN service offers a simple yet effective solution to internet anonymity and privacy. It has stable servers in up to 20 countries. TunnelBear does not log user activities and offers lightning fast VPN speeds!

Choose any of the five providers listed above and get a cheap VPN service that outperforms the ridiculously expensive ones!