How to stay safe in an internet-connected car

Imagine driving in an internet-connected car whilst a hacker takes over control of it. Not a pleasant thought.

While a hacked internet-connected refrigerator might render sour milk, cars represent a serious threat to your health.

Recently, a group of young, Chinese hackers showed a proof-of-concept how they took remotely control of a Tesla on a parking lot. Stories like this, not to mention real-life accidents, are prone to fill the news headlines in the coming years.

Shortly hereafter, Tesla responded to the hack. But hacking IoT devices will remain a cat-and-mouse game.

Arxan, an application protection firm, has produced an infographic deciphering the pitfalls of security in relation to internet-connected automobiles.

So before you start the engine of a internet-connected car, do yourself and your health the favour of scrolling down to the end of the infographic to read four simple recommendations on improving the security.

You and your insurance company can thank us later.