HideMyAss launch revamped app with surprising new features

The popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, HideMyAss have updated their desktop and mobile apps to version three. The new version introduces a new interphase with several new features making it easier to select and connect to a VPN connection. The app is designed to make it easy to comprehend for users with little or no technical knowledge.

The software will help the non-savvy users further understand privacy issues whilst those more experienced users will also be impressed with the higher efficiencies compared with rivals.

Instead of using technical terms, HMA! Pro VPN v3 offer a choice between three security settings:

INSTANT MODE: This mode lets users secure their connection with a single button swipe. The app will test connection speed on nearby servers and connect to the fastest. This mode is intended for use at home or on a public WiFi. It’s really a 1-buttom operation to turn it on without having to consider anything beyond the question “do I want to be secure?”.

LOCATION MODE: Location mode is ideal for users who want to maintain secure access to the favourite sites they normally use from home, bypassing geo-restrictions whilst travelling abroad. Although most major streaming services are closing in on VPN access from abroad, a lot of smaller websites’ geo-restrictions can still be circumvented with a VPN service like HideMyAss.

FREEDOM MODE: This progressive mode aims to give voice to those living under or, in case of journalists, working in censorship regimes. Freedom mode lets users connect to the fastest available server in the closest country identified by HMA! as safe and pro-free speech.


Here at Hide My Ass! we firmly believe that absolutely everyone has the right to safe, secure and uncensored internet access, regardless of their age, location, or degree of tech-savvy,” said Danvers Bailleu, COO at HMA! “Our newest version is testament to this belief, providing a VPN service that is uniquely accessible and easy to use. We create products for VPN users who simply want the best connection, whether they are avoiding censorship or just want enhanced security and privacy without having to think about choosing a server. In today’s digital world, fraught with snooping companies, governments and hackers, the need for VPNs has never been greater. This new version brings the myriad benefits of a secure, private and free web to a much wider audience.

HideMyAss developed the new version to encourage a broader audience to be comfortable using a VPN. The aim is to simplify the offering and explain its services in plain english.

Our verdict

The new HideMyAss Pro app is definitely well designed and easy to setup for anyone. Now we regard ourselves here at VPN Creative as relatively comfortable with technical terms. So while this app is nifty in it’s appearance, we do miss some more advanced features. Beyond the three aforementioned settings, there are no options to select VPN protocols, enable Kill Switch or app-specific connection.

If someone living in a country with censorship and for whom personal security depended on Internet anonymity, we would recommend to get acquainted with more specialised tools like the TOR browser and whatever tools people like Edward Snowden recommends. That being said, the HMA V3 looks like a great contender in the race to become casual web users’ favourite VPN tool.

On a sidenote, it is great to see HMA continues to develop their product post the AVG acquisition in 2015 and it is positive to see the VPN service moving from being primarily a tool to watch Netflix abroad to something of greater importance. Namely everybody’s online security.

About Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass! (HMA!) helps millions of people all over the world to safely and securely enjoy the world-wide-web, preserving our fundamental right to choose how and when we share personal information. Founded in 2005 by Jack Cator the Hide My Ass! virtual private network offers market-leading server coverage. Encompassing every single country in the world, its more than 900 servers in over 350 locations provide over 100,000 IP address choices. It is now a global company based in London with offices in the UK and Serbia.

In 2015 Hide My Ass! was acquired by AVG® Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG) the online security company™, which has now added HMA! Pro VPN to its existing portfolio of security software and services.

For more information on HMA! Pro VPN v3, visit their website.

Full disclosure: VPN Creative and HideMyAss have a year long partnership agreement which essentially means that VPN Creative receives compensation for new customers referred from this website. We thought you should know, so there you have it.