HideMyAss Netflix, BBC iPlayer Workarounds That Just Might Work

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services are clamping down on VPN users accessing their services from abroad.

If you have a HideMyAss! account and have experienced challenges to use it with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or another online streaming service, here are a handful of last resorts you can try before giving up entirely. We tried the tricks ourselves, and you can read our findings below.

Netflix and BBC are deliberately targeting VPN users, including those of HideMyAss!, one of the major VPN providers on the market.

HideMyAss! naturally believes it is absurd that license fee payers are prevented from accessing content they have paid for, just because they are traveling for instance.

They have themselves tested connecting to BBC iPlayer through their VPN and confirm that the majority of their servers will allow access to BBC iPlayer.

First make sure you have checked that the 5 short steps in this article have been followed, this will ensure you aren’t accidentally leaking your location and should take just 2 minutes to do.

Secondly, if those steps have been followed and if you are still not having any luck accessing iPlayer then try using a few different servers from the following locations: Maidenhead, Manchester or London. If it doesn’t, try clearing your cache and cookies or use incognito/private browsing in order to prevent other websites from reading your previous website visits and your original location.

However, based on the user comments on that support page, comments on VPN Creative and our own experiences, it is getting increasingly complicated if not impossible to use any VPN on geo-blocking streaming services.

We took it upon ourselves to perform an unscientific test where we would access BBC iPlayer from Copenhagen, Denmark with and without HideMyAss! Without VPN, it naturally did not work; nothing unexpected there. Then we followed their instructions by connecting to their server in Maidenhead. As you can see in the screenshots, it actually worked!

BBC iPlayer accessed from Denmark without VPN

BBC iPlayer accessed from Denmark without VPN

BBC iPlayer accessed from Denmark with VPN

BBC iPlayer accessed from Denmark with VPN

Then we tried to access Netflix from the same VPN server as well as one based in New York. In both cases, we were able to log in but received the error message when trying to play a show.

Netflix US accessed from Denmark with VPN

Netflix US accessed from Denmark with VPN

Based on this simple test, we can conclude that using VPN may work in some cases, but it is probably only a matter of time before the last gaps will close around this well-known work-around. If you need to access BBC iPlayer from abroad to watch the UEFA Euro 2016 online, you might be in luck.

Have you found any VPN provider that still works on Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu? Let us know if the comment section below.

The development is bound to shake up the VPN industry. There is still a solid case to be made for using VPN in other contexts, like online security and privacy. To access Netflix and iPlayer are just not part of that pitch anymore.