VPNify is a Global Platform for Testing VPN Speeds

Speed is a huge determining factor for many users when looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Browsing reviews will give you an idea of what to expect but it’s difficult to compare multiple providers at once.


VPNify is a web-based app, sponsored by the VPN provider Private Internet Access, that collates speed data from several VPNs and compares their speed performance. The site claims to have been developed by “a bunch of geeks at MIT” but we’ve seen nothing to back up this claim or if it’s associated with MIT in any official capacity.

The site took two years to build to build according to its makers and features data on several VPN providers on the market like HideMyAss, IPVanish, VyprVPN, and ExpressVPN.

The app works quite simply. Choose a VPN provider from the left-hand panel and a preferred “experiment location”, of which there are a handful globally. In this example, we’ve connected to Private Internet Access from an “experiment location” in New York. We can now browse locations in different cities and regions to get a feeling for the speed of the browser. Here we have some speeds in the US:


Latency plays a role as well. With this same connection, you’ll find that servers farther away are a little slower. For example, we found download speeds in Germany of just 11.70MB/sec.

In another test, we connected to VyprVPN from the experiment location in Singapore. Here’s what it looks like:


VPNify could prove to be a handy tool. It’s important to note that it is sponsored by Private Internet Access. It is the default VPN when you log on, which may skew some results their way but make sure to try out some of the other VPNs, which include some bigger names towards the bottom of the list, for a proper comparison.