Today is Data Privacy Day

It’s Data Privacy Day, an international effort to increase awareness of data security and privacy and encourage best practices to say safe online.

The Power of Privacy 1

Google has got in on promoting the day too. You may have noticed that reminder on its homepage today to check up on your privacy settings.


Meanwhile, organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a regular advocate of digital rights and privacy, has been promoting it as well.

Data Privacy Day kicked off in North America in 2008 as a counterpart to Data Protection Day in Europe.

Since then it has become more and more prevalent, especially in the wake of NSA spying, social media data usage, the striking down of Safe Harbor, and more hacks and data breaches than you could count.

To mark the day, Silent Circle, The Guardian and, the National Cyber Security Alliance, the organizers of Data Privacy Day, have released a documentary, The Power of Privacy, which chronicles how the mishandling of our data can be disastrous and more importantly, how it can be tackled.

The video in its entirety can be found here.