Blade & Soul Reportedly Banning Gamers Using a VPN

VPN users have been experiencing issues while playing the online MMO game Blade & Soul with some accounts even being banned.

According to a report from Game Revolution, “more than a hundred players” have been permanently banned by the game’s makers NCSOFT. However in the last day or so that number has been closer to 50 players.

Blade & Soul recently became available for American gamers, leading to other gamers worldwide seeking a way to play the game.

One user reported that he was banned for “suspicious activity” that violated the game maker’s user agreement.


However, shortly after the banning moves gained traction on Reddit, NCSOFT lifted the ban on the user despite previously stating the penalty “will not be removed”.


NCSOFT said in a statement to Game Revolution that it does not allow VPNs but does not serve outright bans for the practice and is now investigating the issue. We contacted NCSOFT earlier this week for more information but it has yet to reply.

“We are investigating the affected accounts and will update everyone involved in their support tickets. Our stance on VPN/WTFast is that we don’t support it, however we don’t ban accounts based on sole VPN usage even if players who use them do so at their own risks.”