How To Watch the 2016 African Nations Championship Online

The fourth edition of the African Nations Championship is on its way and football fanatics all over the world, especially in Africa, can watch the entire tournament online.

Sixteen teams will play in the tournament but only one victor will rise up to the occasion to take home the title of 2016 African Nations champion.

The men’s football league of Africa will be held in Rwanda starting from January 16 to February 7, 2016. Team Rwanda automatically qualified to compete in the tournament since it was awarded to host the event. The other 15 spots were determined through qualifying rounds that took place last year.

Libya won the 2014 tournament but it failed to qualify for this year’s tournament. The 16 teams competing in the 2016 African Nations Championship tournament are as follows: Morocco, Tunisia (2011 Champion), Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, DR Congo (2009 Champion), Gabon, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Here’s the complete tournament matches in Rwanda. Time schedule is in Central African Time (UTC+2).

January 16
Match 1 @ 15:00: Rwanda vs. Ivory Coast
Match 2 @ 18:00: Gabon vs. Morocco

January 17
Match 1 @ 15:00: DR Congo vs. Ethiopia
Match 2 @18:00: Angola vs. Cameroon

January 18
Match 1 @ 15:00: Tunisia vs. Guinea
Match 2 @18:00: Nigeria vs. Niger

January 19
Match 1 @ 15:00: Zimbabwe vs. Zambia
Match 2 @18:00: Mali vs. Uganda

January 20
Match 1 @ 15:00: Rwanda vs. Gabon
Match 2 @18:00: Morocco vs. Ivory Coast

January 21
Match 1 @ 15:00: DR Congo vs. Angola
Match 2 @18:00: Cameroon vs. Ethiopia

January 22
Match 1 @ 15:00: Tunisia vs. Nigeria
Match 2 @18:00: Niger vs. Guinea

January 23
Match 1 @ 15:00: Zimbabwe vs. Mali
Match 2 @18:00: Uganda vs. Zambia

January 24
Match 1 @ 15:00: Morocco vs. Rwanda
Match 2 @18:00: Ivory Coast vs. Gabon

January 25
Match 1 @ 15:00: Cameroon vs. DR Congo
Match 2 @18:00: Ethiopia vs. Angola

January 26
Match 1 @ 15:00: Niger vs. Tunisia
Match 2 @18:00: Guinea vs. Nigeria

January 27
Match 1 @ 15:00: Uganda vs. Zimbabwe
Match 2 @18:00: Zambia vs. Mali

After the group stages, teams that advances to the quarter-finals will immediately play on January 30. The semi-finals stages are scheduled for February 3-4 while the final will be held in February 7 at 18:30 Central African Time.

How to Watch the 2016 African Nations Championship Online

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