Updates to Reddit VPN Comparison Board

Recently we posted about a new VPN comparison spreadsheet that was being shared around Reddit. Since it went online in December, a couple of VPN providers have reached out with corrections regarding their details on the document.

VPN Creative isn’t the creator of the spreadsheet. The Reddit user that did, ThatOnePrivacyGuy, hasn’t updated some of the details in the document according to the VPN providers that have contacted us.

Accordingly, we are now posting some of the corrections that have been sent our way.

Sweden’s FrootVPN said the following:

We “don’t” log User Info, Timestamps, bandwidth and IP address. We donate to the EFF, and PGP Key is Available. Also, We have our own DNS Server, We only block SMTP with exceptions and our SSL Rating is A+ as checked in December 2015. In addition, We allow 3 simultaneous connections, operate in 3 countries and have 14 servers (12 in Sweden, 1 in USA and 1 in Canada)

It added that its Canadian server is currently in evaluation stage and will be available in the coming weeks. OpenVPN will be available for the server.

Keep Solid, the company behind VPN Unlimited, told us it in fact has over 250 servers in 53 data centers.

Also, we do accept BitCoins and let users connect up to 5 devices through one account so simultaneous connections are allowed.

If you have any other corrections, contact us through the comment section below or see the original Reddit thread.

One thought on “Updates to Reddit VPN Comparison Board

  1. ThatOnePrivacyGuy here!

    It looked like a complaint you’ve received from some companies (namely FrootVPN) is that I haven’t updated their info after their attempts to notify me.

    Between Reddit and the Google doc, anyone can see each and every change request I’ve received, my response, and those posts which have been verified and updated OR are unverifiable and marked resolved with no action taken.

    Since anyone can post a comment on the spreadsheet or in the Reddit threads, pretending to be a VPN company (or their competitors), I require the information relevant to the change request to be available on the supposed company’s website, in their marketing, terms, privacy policy, or something official, like a blog post.

    Some companies have requested updated info, and in every case, I’ve researched and updated it – if I can verify it. In the cases I can’t, I say as much, and some companies have added the info to their site.

    AzireVPN is a great example. After having requests originally denied due to an unclear logging policy, they updated it to be much more clear, and if you notice, they even follow the same pattern of items being logged from my headers.


    In the case of FrootVPN, I don’t see any post or comment history indicating that they’ve tried updating information. After review of their policies however, I have updated their record on the sheet accordingly. Here’s a good example. They say: “[We] store no logs”. You’ll quickly find that this means nothing, as EVERY company on the sheet claims no logs, but as you can see that isn’t close to being the case. They DO say, however, “We never log your IP address”. THAT is specific, and I can (and did) update their record based on that.

    Some companies don’t appreciate my responses, but if they don’t spell out their policies, I can’t have it shown differently on my sheet given the nature of who could potentially be requesting. I also think that info should be visible for the user as that is important for me when shopping around too. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

    For the record, I am not a part of any VPN company or affiliate, as stated in my original threads. I cleared my original and updated posts with the mods of both /r/vpn and /r/privacy before posting anything.

    I started my chart with the express purpose of finding a VPN company for myself, and posted it because I thought others might like it too. It quickly took off, and as a result, it’s doubled in size and scope, and about 20-25% of the companies on my sheet have reached out to update information and even to get advice on making their privacy policies more clear.

    All data points on my spreadsheet are unbiased and independently verifiable. Anyone can comment and post a link to a source with corrected info which stays on the record for the public to view. The updated Reddit post and subsequent exchanges can be found on Reddit by searching my post history. I check and update the spreadsheet every day.

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