Updates to Reddit VPN Comparison Board

Recently we posted about a new VPN comparison spreadsheet that was being shared around Reddit. Since it went online in December, a couple of VPN providers have reached out with corrections regarding their details on the document.

VPN Creative isn’t the creator of the spreadsheet. The Reddit user that did, ThatOnePrivacyGuy, hasn’t updated some of the details in the document according to the VPN providers that have contacted us.

Accordingly, we are now posting some of the corrections that have been sent our way.

Sweden’s FrootVPN said the following:

We “don’t” log User Info, Timestamps, bandwidth and IP address. We donate to the EFF, and PGP Key is Available. Also, We have our own DNS Server, We only block SMTP with exceptions and our SSL Rating is A+ as checked in December 2015. In addition, We allow 3 simultaneous connections, operate in 3 countries and have 14 servers (12 in Sweden, 1 in USA and 1 in Canada)

It added that its Canadian server is currently in evaluation stage and will be available in the coming weeks. OpenVPN will be available for the server.

Keep Solid, the company behind VPN Unlimited, told us it in fact has over 250 servers in 53 data centers.

Also, we do accept BitCoins and let users connect up to 5 devices through one account so simultaneous connections are allowed.

If you have any other corrections, contact us through the comment section below or see the original Reddit thread.