Watch the 2016 NHL Winter Classic Outside the US & Canada

For hockey fans all over the world, New Year’s Day is the best day to play ice hockey outdoors. Since 2008, the National Hockey League has held the annual Winter Classic that features two NHL resident teams going head to head in a game that is played outdoors usually on a football or soccer field.

The 2016 NHL Winter Classic (officially dubbed as the 2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic) will be held on January 1 at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. The game will be between rivals Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins.

The two teams are long-time rivals which makes it even more interesting to watch the special ice hockey game. The puck will drop at 1:00PM EST.

Watch the 2016 NHL Winter Classic Online

The hockey game that will pit a rivalry between two great NHL teams will be broadcasted in the US on NBC and Sportsnet in Canada on various Sportsnet channels including Sportsnet World, Sportsnet Ontario, Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet East with a late telecast on Sportsnet One.

The first ever NHL Winter Classic held in 2008. Photo: Falling Heavens/Flickr

The first ever NHL Winter Classic held in 2018. Photo: Falling Heavens/Flickr

Anyone with a US IP address can access NBC online and be able to watch the Winter Classic game live. The same thing applies for Canadians; they can watch the game live on Sportsnet channel with no hassle provided they have a Canadian IP address.

Unfortunately for hockey fans residing outside the US and Canada, they won’t be able to access and watch the 2016 Winter Classic live. NBC, Sportsnet and other streaming service impose geographic restrictions so that only a select audience can view their live shows. There is a workaround to bypass such restrictions.

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