Check Out this Huge Comparison Board of VPNs

There is an incredible amount of VPN services available on the market, from free to premium services, so it can difficult to decide what provider is right for you. Our reviews section can help in examining the top rated providers out there and deciding what one is right for you. On privacy advocate has gone a step further.

Reddit user, ThatOnePrivacyGuy, has compiled an exhaustive Google doc that collates information on dozens of VPNs such as where the company is based; the data its collects on users like traffic, timestamps, IP addresses; the number of servers it has and countries located; whether it has physical control over its servers; support for OpenVPN; and monthly/yearly pricing.

It digs in deeper too with the section ‘Activism’. This lays out whether the VPN accepts Bitcoin, operates a warrant canary, or donates the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

The extensive document aims to be a one-stop-shop for people buying or scrutinizing VPN services. However it is still a work in progress. Interested parties can comment on the Reddit thread with complaints or suggestions.

VikingVPN for example has responded to the doc claiming that there is inaccurate information about its services on the spreadsheet:

“We donate to the EFF, allow 7 simultaneous connections, operate in 3 countries (US, NL, RO) and have way more than 5 “servers” even if you’re not talking about servers and you’re referring to locations, we operate in 7 locations with server clusters, each made up of at least 8 physical servers.”

The document has yet to be updated.

As a result, more comments from the VPN user community will be needed to flesh out the doc to ensure it is 100 percent accurate.

Interestingly some high profile VPN providers are missing from the board including HideMyAss, SaferVPN, Surfeasy, and Ivacy.