AVG to Release Its First Tor & VPN Router

Anti-virus firm AVG Technologies is launching its own Tor-enabled router with a built in VPN. You’ll recall that AVG acquired HideMyAssVPN earlier this year.


The Chime router is being developed by AVG Innovation Labs, which is turning to crowdfunding for the device. “Hardware is new for us,” says AVG. The company is seeking $650,000.

The new Tor and VPN router is being targeted at homes with multiple connections like smart home devices along with smartphones that all need to be secured. The idea behind the router is that a home will have multiple Chimes dotted around the house to ensure a strong connection at all times.

AVG isn’t the first router of its kind on the market. Already there are devices out there from start-ups like InvizBox and Anonabox, who all used crowdfunding as well to launch their products.

“Our research showed that many people are unsatisfied with their home Wi-Fi,” says AVG. “That’s why we developed Chime: to give people the best possible Wi-Fi connection and connected home security in one. Running our campaign on Indiegogo is not about raising funds, but about engaging directly with people who want and need Chime.”

As of this writing, the Chime has raised just over $35,000 with 23 days left.

The company is planning mass production in May 2016 with an official release in September 2016.