How to Get NBA League Pass at a Lower Price

With the 2015-2016 NBA regular season underway, fans all over the world are once again thrilled and excited to root for their favorite teams and players competing against the best basketball squads in the world. When the NBA regular season starts, make sure that you have access to NBA’s League Pass so you won’t miss any of the games.

Which NBA League Pass Subscription Should I Get?

There are two kinds of NBA League Pass variants that users can sign up to: the US version and the International League Pass. The significant difference between the two passes is that the US version only showcases the regular season games while the International version features all games of the current season. The problem with the US NBA League Pass is that it is also plagued with blackout restrictions, meaning you won’t be able to watch a game live if the game is being broadcasted on local TV.

With the international NBA League Pass, you will be able to watch all the regular season games as well as the All-Star Weekend specials, the Playoffs and of course the NBA Finals. Plus, there won’t be any blackouts on the International LP. Therefore, you can enjoy your viewing habits anytime and on any of your devices (computer, mobile or tablet).

Photo: EMR/Flickr

Photo: EMR/Flickr

We highly recommend that you purchase the International NBA League Pass simply because it offers more features than the US league pass equivalent. Some of the International league pass versions are also priced relatively cheaper compared to the league passes in major countries in the world. Refer to the list below for the NBA League Pass prices in different countries.

New Zealand – NZ$ 359.99 or approx. $242
Australia – AUD 329.99 or approx. $240
Germany -€ 209.99 or approx. $240
United States / Canada – $199.99
Japan – ¥ 23,999 or approx. $200
Pakistan – Rs 13,999.99 or approx. $134
Brazil – $129
Malaysia – RM 559.99 or approx. $128
Romania – TL 479.99 or approx. $122
Algeria – DZD 11,999.99 or approx. $113
Philippines – ₱ 5,199.99 or approx. $112
India – Rs 7,299.99 or approx. $112
South Africa – R 1,499.99 or approx. $110

The cheapest LP of all the available packages worldwide are those of the Philippines, India and South Africa. If you would like to get the most out of your NBA League Pass subscription, you might as well subscribe to any of the cheapest international packages. Not only are you getting a cheaper version, but you are also going to get all the games on your device.

How to get an International NBA League Pass

In order to subscribe to an international NBA League Pass, one must be connected to a VPN server so that he can even access NBA League Pass for other countries outside the US. If you haven’t subscribed to any VPN service provider yet, we recommend that you purchase at least one month’s subscription from the VPNs below so you can access NBA League Pass and get it for a lower price.

PureVPN, HideMyAss Pro VPN, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN can all give you the necessary IP address to access the NBA League Pass in either the Philippines, India or South Africa. Once you are connected to the appropriate VPN server, you are now virtually present in that location, and thus you can get an international League Pass subscription at a bargain price.

Avoid blackouts and get NBA League Pass for a lower price. Connect to a VPN today and enjoy the 2015-2016 NBA season without limits! NBA’s regular season starts this week.