The Emmys 2015 Winners & Nominees Streaming on Netflix

Last month saw one of the most glamorous and exciting Emmys Awards ceremonies in recent years. There were a huge number of remarkable shows from a wide variety of channels that made it big in the awards tally, including Netflix’s own original shows that performed rather exceptionally against its immediate competitors such as Amazon Prime and HBO.


Most of these 2015 Emmys Award Winning TV shows and nominees are available in the US version of Netflix, while some are only available on other global channels such as UK, Canada, Australia, Latin American, Europe, and Japan. If you have missed any of these shows, or if you haven’t even heard of them in the first place, here is a detailed guide to help you to enjoy the most outstanding TV shows of this season. Grab your popcorn (or any of your favorite snacks) and settle down.

In case you are trying to access the US version of Netflix outside the US, or if you are an existing Netflix subscriber who wishes to access other region-specific Netflix channels, you will undoubtedly realize that Netflix uses advanced geo-blocking filters, which prevents users from accessing any content outside their country of access. Therefore, if you are outside the US, and want to watch any of these top Emmys award winning shows on Netflix US, you will have to bypass Netflix’s geo-blocking filters using a VPN. The same rule applies to all other region-specific Netflix channels. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about using a VPN for unblocking and the shows you’ll find.

The Top Emmys Award Winners Currently Streaming On Netflix

Mad Men


Mad Men received quite a few nominations and scored big in the “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” category.

The show is about an ad executive who leads the good life in an advertising company during the ’60s.

You can catch this show on Netflix USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

How To Get Away With Murder


How To Get Away With Murder is one of the newest additions to the drama series category that helped its lead actress to take the honors for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.” The show revolves around the tale of a law professor who takes five interns under her wing, only to become entangled in a sensational murder plot.

This show is currently streaming on Netflix USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

Orange Is The New Black [Netflix Original]


Orange Is The New Black is an original Netflix title that was nominated for numerous prizes across the different categories, and came away as a winner in the “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” category.

Narrating the tale of a prison ordeal faced by a woman who previously led a comfortable life in New York City, Orange Is The New Black is currently streaming on all versions of Netflix.

The Best Performing Netflix Originals At Emmys Awards

[Note: All Netflix Originals are currently available for viewing across all Netflix channels, but they can only be accessed if Netflix is available in your country, and if you have a valid subscription. To geo-unblock Netflix to stream these shows, follow our guide to geo-unblocking Netflix.]

House Of Cards


House of Cards is an extremely popular Netflix original drama series that received nominations for “Outstanding Drama Series,” “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series,” “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series,” “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series,” “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series,”, “Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series,” and “Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is an American sitcom that started airing on March 2015, and became an instant hit, making it one of the most anticipated shows in the “Outstanding Comedy Series” category. The show also received a number of award nominations, including those for supporting casts and guest roles. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt features the story of Kimmy Schmidt who was held captive in a cult for 15 years before being released, and her determination to reclaim her life by moving to New York City.



Bloodline premiered on Netflix in February this year, and ever since it hit the screens, it has received strong and positive reviews from both viewers as well as critics. The show has established itself as one of the best thriller-drama series among the Netflix original shows. The cast of the show was praised for contributing towards the show’s overall success, which helped it to gain nominations for the “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” and “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series” categories.

Grace And Frankie


Grace And Frankie is another American comedy series that premiered on Netflix in May.

Grace And Frankie takes you through the lives of two women whose lives take a drastic turn when their husbands leave them for each other.

Grace And Frankie received an Emmys nomination for “Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series.”

The Top Emmys Nominees Streaming On Netflix

[Note: The following list of shows may be unavailable on all versions of Netflix, even the accomplished channels such as US, Canada, UK, and Australia. To gain complete access to these shows, use a VPN to geo-unblock Netflix by following the detailed guide outlined at the end of this article.]

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a prequel to the hit TV show Breaking Bad, and features the life of its lead protagonist Saul Goodman. The show has received major nominations, including “Outstanding Drama Series”, “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series”, “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series”, and “Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series”. Better Call Saul is available for streaming on European, Japanese, and Latin American versions of Netflix. If you are from US, Australia, Canada, or any other part of the world, you will have to use a VPN for geo-unblocking Netflix to view this show.



Louie is an American comedy TV series that was conceptualized by the popular stand-up comedian Louis C.K.

The show received five nominations this year, and was considered by many to win at least one award in any of the categories.

Louie is currently streaming only on Netflix US, and is unavailable for many other regions.



Homeland is an American political thriller series that has an excellent lead cast and a capable director to spin out suspense at every turn, leading it to a strong nomination presence at the Emmys. The TV series has received multiple nominations in several categories, including “Outstanding Drama Series”, “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series”, “Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama series”, and “Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series”. The latest season of the Homeland is only available in Netflix Norway, therefore, if you are outside Norway, you need to have access to a VPN for geo-unblocking Netflix Norway to watch the entire show.

Modern Family


Modern Family is an established comedy series that delivers a mockumentary style narrative of a dysfunctional family, and has been consistently performing well at the Emmyss. Modern Family received four nominations that includes “Outstanding Comedy Series”, “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series”, “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series”, and “Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series”. The latest season of Modern Family can be streamed on services like Netflix Norway , and is unavailable on several other popular Netflix channels. The only way to watch the latest season is by geo-unblocking Netflix using a VPN.

Parks And Recreation


Parks And Recreation is an American sitcom that puts a twist into the politics of a fictional city. While the initial season received average response from viewers, the ensuing seasons offered amazing content that made it a strong contender at the Emmys. The show received nominations for “Outstanding Comedy Series” and “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series”. Parks And Recreation is available for streaming on Netflix USA.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife

The Good Wife is a legal and political drama that has one of the best cast and screenplays to receive critical commendation from both critics as well as viewers alike. This year’s Emmys saw its actors shine in the limelight by getting nominations in the “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series”, “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series”, and “Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series” categories. The Good Wife is available only on Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia versions of Netflix, and is currently unavailable in any other regions, including the USA.

How To Use VPN For Geo-Unblocking Netflix

Netflix is very proactive in their efforts to ensure that their region-specific channels are only viewed by subscribers in that respective region. While Netflix has made significant progress in blocking proxy servers and other bypassing technologies, VPN is still one of the most effective and popular tools for geo-unblocking Netflix.

VPN, or Virtual Private Networks, are third party service providers that helps users to mask their original IP address and physical location by using shared resources, encryption technologies, and virtual servers installed across the globe. Hence, if you wish to access the US version of Netflix outside the US, you can simply subscribe to a VPN service provider and choose a US IP address. This will help you to gain instant access to the US version of Netflix, and you can proceed to signing up to the service by following our detailed US Netflix subscription guide.

Most modern VPN service providers allow its users to switch between multiple IP addresses and server locations, which is highly useful in geo-unblocking all versions of Netflix, including content from UK, Canada, Australia, other parts of Europe, and Asia. Most top VPN providers such as HideMyAss!, VyprVPN, PureVPN, and IPVanish VPN offer virtual servers in a wide range of countries to allow you to switch to an IP address of your choice for instant access to any Netflix channel currently available.

VPN is also a great tool to help you stay anonymous, and will provide an added layer of added security to your online browsing behavior. Sign up to a VPN service provider for total online security and geo-unblocking Netflix.