BolehVPN Adds New Server for BBC iPlayer

Last week we reported that a number of VPN users were experiencing issues with accessing the BBC iPlayer. Since then, BolehVPN, one of the providers affected, has added a new server to try and overcome the issue.

bbc iplayer

Photo: mikecphoto / Shutterstock

“There’s a new SurfingStreaming server up that will let you get access to BBC’s iPlayer. Update your configurations via the Settings tab of your BolehVPN client to get this new server!”

The streaming site was believed to have been blocked as an attempt to restrict its usage outside of the UK.

“We regularly make updates to our technology to help prevent access to BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, which breaks our terms of use,” a BBC spokesperson told The Register, which reports that the methods of banning VPN access is not entirely clear but it may involve blacklisting suspicious looking IPs.

VPN provider TorGuard has referred to the blocking as a “nuke” approach.

“People trying to access the service outside of the UK are now receiving this message “BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only,” it wrote on its blog. “The nuke approach is also hitting all users of BBC that are using VPN software. That means that BBC is forcing its users within the UK to decide if they want the security of a VPN or the access of iPlayer.”

While BolehVPN has attempted to address the issue by adding a new server, one user responded that it may create a game of “WhackAMole with the BBC” if new servers are simply added every time a swathe of IPs have been blocked.