VPN IP Addresses Blocked by BBC iPlayer

VPN users are reporting issues with accessing the BBC iPlayer, according to Malaysian provider BolehVPN.

The VPN provider claims that the BBC has been blocking large numbers of IP addresses associated with VPN services.

“This has sadly affected our UK servers as well, but rest assured that we’re working hard on a solution,” said BolehVPN. The BBC is currently working on a code-based system to allow British people abroad to access the iPlayer but this would exclude non-Brits hoping to access the streaming service.

IPVanish users have been experiencing problems of late too, writes Famagusta Gazette, a publication from Cyprus that reports people that had been using VPNs to unblock the iPlayer.

“I too can report that accessing BBC IPlayer is now impossible. Things have been getting steadily worse in the last couple of weeks. I have tried all suggested remedies and used both IE and Chrome,” said one user.

During the summer, GlobalWebIndex published a report that said up to 60 million people outside the UK had been accessing the iPlayer. As the streaming platform is part of the BBC, it is funded by the license fee, paid by Brits. Those using VPNs would be paying nothing and is a cause for contention.

More than 38 million in China alone are believed to be using VPNs and proxies to watch the iPlayer said the report.

“We do not comment on individual cases regarding breaches of BBC iPlayer’s terms of use, but we take steps where appropriate to protect the intellectual property belonging to rights holders,” said the BBC after the report was published.