October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month, powered by Stay Safe Online, an organization that promotes safe and secure Internet use.

Stay Safe Online has partnered with Express VPN to help spread awareness of Internet security for children ahead of the next month. Check out this infographic below, which details the seven most important tips for parents in protecting their children online.

cyber security

Throughout October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month will tackle a different topic every week while ExpressVPN will be tweeting out daily cybersecurity tips to stay safe online.

Here’s what to expect from NCSAM this October:

Week 1 (Oct 1-2): Five Years of STOP.THINK.CONNECT: introducing everyone to easy to follow guides for safer Internet use.

Week 2 (Oct 5-9): Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work: promoting better understanding and better cybersecurity practices in the workplace and among employees.

Week 3 (Oct 12-16): Connected Communities and Families: Staying Protected While We Are Always Connected: week three is a more intensive look at protecting yourself in age where you’re always online.

Week 4 (Oct 19-23): Your Evolving Digital Life: week four explores the rapidly growing pace of the Internet, how more things than ever are connected to the net, and how you can keep up.

Week 5 (Oct 26-30): Building the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals: finally, week five will look at the skills gap in cybersecurity and the need to build greater awareness of cyber threats in society.

This article was sponsored by ExpressVPN