How to Watch 2015 Rugby World Cup Online

The eighth edition of the Rugby World Cup kicked off on September 18. If you weren’t able to watch the first tournament matches, you can still catch up with the remaining games and cheer your favorite team as they compete with the world’s elite rugby teams. The tournament will run until October 31 so there are still plenty of the best rugby teams in sizzling action to see.

England is hosting the 20 nations competing for the prestigious 2015 Rugby World Cup championship title. Below is the list of the participating teams with their corresponding pool standings:

Australia – 9 points
Wales – 9 points
England – 6 points
Fiji – 0 points
Uruguay – 0 points

Scotland – 10 points
South Africa – 7 points
Samoa – 4 points
Japan – 4 points
USA – 0 points

New Zealand – 9 points
Argentina – 5 points
Georgia – 4 points
Tonga – 1 point
Namibia – 0 points

Ireland – 10 points
France – 9 points
Italy – 4 points
Canada – 1 point
Romania – 0 point


2011’s winners New Zealand. Photo: Jeanfrancois Beausejour/Flickr

The pool stages will be played until October 11 so you can still watch your favourite Rugby team in action as they try to vie for a spot to the quarter finals. Check out the schedule of the remaining pool matches below:

September 29:
Tonga vs. Namibia

October 1:
Wales vs. Fiji
France vs. Canada

October 2:
New Zealand vs. Georgia

October 3:
England vs. Australia
Samoa vs. Japan
South Africa vs. Scotland

October 4:
Argentina vs. Tonga
Ireland vs. Italy

October 6:
Fiji vs. Uruguay
Canada vs. Romania

October 7:
South Africa vs. United States
Namibia vs. Georgia

October 10:
Australia vs. Wales
Samoa vs. Scotland
England Uruguay

October 11:
United States vs. Japan
Argentina vs. Namibia
Italy vs. Romania
France vs. Ireland

How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2015 Online

Are you a big Rugby fan but you couldn’t watch the 2015 Rugby World Cup on your local TV? Don’t panic. There is actually an alternative way of watching the rugby tournament live.

Photo:  Rugby World Cup

Photo: Rugby World Cup

Rugby fans all over the world can watch the World Cup live online via the different sports channels broadcasting the tournament matches. Users in the UK can easily watch the Rugby World Cup on their computer by simply accessing the live streams at ITV Player. Unfortunately, users outside the UK wouldn’t be able to watch the live broadcasts on ITV due to geographic restrictions. Gladly, there is a way to bypass such geographic restrictions imposed by ITV on foreign accesses.

To unblock any sports channel broadcasting the Rugby World Cup, you’ll need a reliable VPN service installed on your desktop or tablet. Among the most popular VPN services today includes PureVPN, HideMyAss PRO VPN and IPVanish. Any of these VPN service providers should effectively unblock your Internet access so you don’t have to deal with censorship, geo-blocks, and even throttling activities by your ISP.