HideMyAss Launches Phone Call Privacy App

VPN provider HideMyAss has launched a new app, Hide My Phone!, to extend privacy to phone services.

The app allows iOS and Android users to mask their real mobile phone number with a number of private ones, much like how a VPN hides your real IP address. The app began beta testing in late 2014 and is now available to download.

“Whether you are posting your number online, selling your things, or need a new number when travelling abroad, Hide My Phone! lets [sic] you manage as many numbers as you need and dispose of them after you’re finished,” said Jack Cator, CEO of HideMyAss.

“We have found that VPNs have been used more and more by people who wish to use the internet freely, safely and privately, so we’re really pleased to further extend our services to phones.”

The app includes HMP! Chat, an instant messaging service, PIN protection, and a self-destruct feature that allows the user to wipe away call and message histories.

HideMyAss recommends the app for international calls, business correspondence and online dating.