Lookout’s State of iOS Security

There is a much more level playing field for malware on iOS now compared to Android, according to Lookout Security, who says that iOS malware currently looks a lot like Android malware in 2010.

With its newest infographic below Lookout attempts to dispel some myths around the existence of dangerous malware in the App Store. “The iOS App Store is not the impenetrable walled garden you think it is,” says Meghan Kelly, Lookout’s communications manager.

However, people affected by the malware are much more common on Android devices but as far as the capabilities of malware across the two platforms there is little difference.

“For the malware that does make it onto iOS devices, attacks can actually execute a lot of the same malicious actions,” adds Kelly. Lookout also included the growth of iOS malware among its predictions for 2015 published a few weeks ago.

Check out the graphic below for all the details on staying safe on your smartphone.