HideMyAss! VPN Network Expands to 6 New Locations

When it comes to network expansion, HideMyAss! (HMA) certainly does not stand back. This month, HMA has added even more servers in Greece and France. The HMA VPN network now composes of 779 servers strategically located in 151 countries with over 103,000 IP available.

Hidemyass Review

This comes immediately after 15 other new servers were added since the company’s latest update. Here are the details of the latest server additions to the HMA VPN network.

  • Netherlands, Amsterdam – Virtual USA (Location 1 Servers 9 -10) (249 IPs) (Virtual Location – location expanded)
  • Switzerland, Jona (Location 1 Servers 1-2) (249 IPs) (New Location)
  • USA, California, Los Angeles (Location 1 Servers 22-24) (372 IPs)
  • Greece, Patras (64 IPs) (New Location)
  • France, Toulouse (Location Servers 1-2) (244 IPs) (New Location)
  • USA, Alaska, Anchorage (Location Server 2) (124 IPs)
  • Cyprus, Nicosia (122 IPs) (New Location)
  • Netherlands, Spijkenisse (124 IPs) (New Location)
  • Netherlands, Hague (Location 1 Servers 1-2) 248 IPs (New Location)

So far this year, HideMyAss! has already added 29 new servers located in 17 new locations, released v1.16 of its Android VPN client, v1.7 for iOS and version v2.8.19.0 of the HMA! Pro VPN software for Windows.

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