Kick Ass Torrents Offline Following Domain Name Seizure

Well-known torrent site Kick Ass Torrents is temporarily offline after its domain was seized but the owners say they will be moving back to an old domain name shortly.

kick ass torrents

The site’s .so domain name was registered in Somalia, which was considered a “safe haven” according to Wired where it was out of the reach of lawyers and rights holders.

Kick Ass Torrents had frequently changed its domain name to avoid shutdowns. The owners of site have now said that they will be returning to their old .to domain.

The news follows last week’s return of The Pirate Bay following its closure several weeks ago at the hands of authorities in Sweden. In the absence of TPB, Kick Ass Torrents, while already hugely popular anyway, soared in traffic.

Torrent Freak were one of the first to pick up on Kick Ass’ ban, noting that the site is appearing as “banned” on Whois Record.

kick ass torrents

Photo: Torrent Freak

At the same time, several other sites that were mistakenly believed to be related to Kick Ass have been banned too. This includes the scam site, which is not related to the real KAT site.

Kick Ass Torrents says now that it will be reverting back to its domain name. The Somalian registry has not commented on the story yet.

Much like their peers at The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass Torrents has been subject to much criticism from legal sources and copyright holders and is already blocked by several ISPs in the UK.