Intel Shuts Down Russian Blogs Over ‘Bloggers Law’

Intel has shut down its Russian blogs and forums in response to the country’s recently enacted “Blogger’s Law”, which curtails blogs with more than 3,000 readers.


Photo: xtock / Shutterstock

The changes from the chip maker were implemented on January 1 but have come to light today. “These changes do not affect the English Intel DZ community: you can publish articles, blog posts and communicate in forum in English,” says Intel.

The Russian blogger’s law was came into effect in August and requires all blogs with more than 3,000 readers to register with media and communications regulator Roskomnadzor. Registration is mandatory with hefty fines leveled against those that don’t comply, which can run into the thousands in the case of companies.

The law has been described as “draconian” by opponents.

A Russian source told TechCrunch that the Russian developer blogs were very popular. “Struggling to think of any corporate dev blogs with similar outreach,” the source said.

The company will continue to offer some developer resources to its Russian community. Its VKontakte and Google+ pages remain online.

“Other Intel platforms that support Russian language also remain unchanged including: Intel’s blog at, IntelDeveloper Zone groups at and Google+, and official Intel Russia accounts at Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, YouTube and Twitter,” said an Intel spokesperson.

“Also, our Intel-owned, Russian language online communities for educators and IT-professionals – Intel Education Galaxy and Intel IT Galaxy are operating as usual.”